September 11, 2013

How to Disguise Grown Out Acrylic Nails

how to disguise grown out acrylic nailsFalse nails can look amazing but at the end of the day many of us are left wondering how to disguise grown out acrylic nails. Fake nails are worn for numerous reasons. If your natural nails are brittle then artificial nails are the ideal cover-up. Lots of nail-biters apply acrylics to disguise their bitten fingernails but many women just love the idea of sporting beautifully manicured nails. This type of fake nail has a natural appearance and the acrylics are durable. You may be an expert at applying acrylics but plenty of us prefer to visit the nail salon to have them applied by professional nail artists. As our natural fingernails grow the fake nails are pushed upwards, hence we have to find ways of coping with the growing-out stage.

How to Disguise Grown Out Acrylic Nails

As our natural fingernails grow the fake nails are pushed upwards. This leaves an annoying gap in between the cuticle and the bottom of the artificial nail. It is up to the individual to find ways of creating an “infill”. If you continue to apply pearly nail polish to then there is every chance that the ridge will show up even more. However, apply a couple of layers of sparkly nail polish and the gap is camouflaged. Glittery nail varnish creates the perfect cover-up for acrylic nails that have begun to grow out.

Nail Infills

Are you one of those confident women who feel that they could create a successful nail infill? It has to be said that “Do it yourself” acrylic nail fills are not the easiest thing in the world to do. But a percentage of adventurous females are willing to try. The acrylic nail kits aren’t expensive to buy and they come with everything that is needed to infill the nail. If you are interested in filling in your acrylics then you should watch an online tutorial. Lots of women have found that these online guides have helped them to understand the basics of nail fills.


Most of us are in agreement that it feels great to visit the nail salon for a professional manicure, but we may not be able to afford to have our nails manicured on a regular basis. Therefore we need to find our own way of coping with the acrylics as our natural nails grow. You don’t have to remove the fake nails, if you are desperate to cover up an unsightly ridge then file the fake nails down. Run the nail file over the top of the fake nails and file them until they are in line with your natural fingernails. When you have filed the nails then use a buffer to make your nails look tidy. When you buff your fingernails you should be able to rub away the bottom of the ridge, this will make the remainder of the acrylics blend in with your natural nails. Apply a couple of coats of nail polish and your fingernails should look as pretty as a picture.

Other Ways of Disguising Growing out Acrylic Nails

After a couple of weeks the fake nails will begin to grow out. In general this means that you will have to revisit the nail salon.  If you can get used to creating a temporary infill then this will save you a lot of money. Unless you remove the acrylics altogether then you will eventually need to make a further appointment at the nail bar. Naturally a professional nail technician will deal with the problem in a professional manner. They will generally file out the area where there has been nail regrowth so that more acrylic or gel can be applied. The technician will then file, buff, oil and varnish the nails until they look as good as new.

Acrylic fingernails are fun and fake nails can cover up a multitude of sins. If you have decided that you would like to wear false nails then it may be wise to book an appointment with your local nail technician. A qualified technician will be able to apply your artificial nails and help you to disguise grown out acrylic nails.

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