Do You Have A Beauty School Checklist?

Making decisions about your future is important. Make sure that you’re doing it right. Your success as a cosmetology student is directly related to the satisfaction that you get from participating in the program. Use this guide to build your own “Beauty School Checklist” so that you are sure to find the school that is […]

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Why Beauty School is Great for Moms

  You may not know this, but beauty school is actually a fantastic option for single mothers looking to change or revamp their career path. Not only are there many grants made specifically for single mothers, but there are also a number of other cosmetology scholarships available to supplement existing grants. Learn more about these […]

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The Best High School Classes to Take Before Cosmetology School

For some, the question about what they want to do with their life doesn’t require a second thought.  If you’re in high school and your dream is to be a cosmetologist (or you know someone who does) check out these helpful classes to take before you graduate high school that will prepare you for success […]

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Avalon School of Cosmetology Utah California Arizona

November Salon Specials

Winter is upon us! Don’t drag your feet getting your hair and skin prepared for the harsh weather to come. With all of the holiday parties soon to be on your calendar, you will need to save all the time that you can! Lucky for you, Avalon School of Cosmetology has some great deals for […]

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Woman Taking Notes in Meeting

The Importance of Business Training in Beauty School

Business training in beauty school provides a way to channel the skills, techniques, creativity, and inspiration you gathered through the program. Training and practicing something is like learning a new language. In this case, the fluency for that language is practicing techniques and styles so much that they become part of your muscle memory, your […]

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cosmetology school Barbershop Chairs

What’s a Typical Day for a Cosmetology Student?

Cosmetology school teaches through a balance of books and hands-on learning. People have different learning styles– some take in written information with ease, a memory with traction, and adaptation to applying that knowledge. Others learn best through practice and doing. At cosmetology school, intellectual and practical training work together to provide you an all-encompassing education. […]

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Avalon School of Cosmetology Layton, UT

Visit Me Salon & Fashion

Avalon graduate, Lauren has some advice to all current and prospective students about using and taking advantage of all the opportunities offered while attending Avalon. Her advice is, take advantage of your instructors and your classes. Learn from everybody possible. Keep track of your hours just so that you have motivation to stay in school, […]

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Selfie at Avalon School of Cosmetology

Using Social Media to Build your Hair or Makeup Business

Social media is an excellent way to promote your business. We’ve gone past the days of newspaper advertisements, flyers, and only word of mouth. These days, we have access to large numbers of people via the virtual world. On Facebook, you can create a page specifically for your business and invite friends to follow it. […]

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Hair Color from the salon at Avalon School of Cosmetology

6 Great Hair Color Trends

Summer’s a great time to change up your hairstyle and go for something different. Other seasons allow for reflection and slower changes, but summer weather draws us out for a whirlwind of activities. Shake up the routine a little and try one of the latest color trends: Shades of red (chestnut, copper, strawberry) catch the […]

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Skin therapist training from Avalon School of Cosmetology

How to Choose a Cosmetology School

Over half the battle in choosing any kind of school is knowing what you want to do and what kind of vocation would allow that joy to blossom to its full potential. So, if you know you want to go to cosmetology school, that’s excellent! Cosmetology school allows for a lovely career styling hair, makeup, and […]

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