5 Hair Care Mistakes We’ve All Made

Taking care of your hair is essential for not only looking great, but avoiding damage to your locks. The reality of hair care, however, often means that we fall short on upkeep and the best ways to care for our hair. Everything from allowing hair to become severely damaged to getting stuck in the same […]

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truth about straightening hair

The Truth About Straightening Your Hair

Keeping your hair looking and great and healthy can be a big challenge. Making your hair look great and ensuring that it’s healthy don’t have to be opposing goals. One way in which hair is damaged is through straightening. Any hair care tools that involve heat can lead to damage to your hair. Blow dryers […]

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hair tips

Best Tips for Growing Out Your Hair

When you’ve decided that you need a change in hairstyles and are ready to grow your hair out from a short length, there can often be some awkward stages in the process. Growing hair can involve some less than flattering stages to content with. To help avoid some of these awkward moments in the growth […]

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esthetic graphic

Passing the State Board of Esthetics Exam

Upon completion of all of your cosmetology school hours, you will need to pass the state board of esthetics exam to begin practicing in your state. This exam will likely vary depending on your state, but you can still do some basic things to prepare. Above all, make sure you are up to date on […]

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How to Get Noticed in the Beauty Industry

First breaking into your desired beauty profession is often the hardest step, but you can help get yourself noticed in the industry. Follow these tips to better your chance to reach your dream.

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What Kind of Job Can You Expect After Graduating Beauty School

Take a look at some of the common jobs that you can get after beauty school.

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WAMT & Avalon

Avalon was recently honored to team up with Will Asked Me Too and highlight some of the amazing and talented work of our students.

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The Process of Applying to Beauty School

Sometimes the first steps are the hardest. When it comes to applying to beauty school, knowing where to begin may seem a bit overwhelming.

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What You’ll Learn in Makeup Artistry

While pursuing a career in the beauty industry already through Avalon, you can add on a two week experience to become a professional makeup artist. During your short time in these classes, you will learn a great deal about makeup artistry, and how to become a success in this field.

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Skin Care Resolutions

Make your resolutions to take better care, giving you a healthier appearance.

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