October 21, 2011

How You as a Beautician Can Prevent Cancer

A recent study shows that barbers and hair stylists are more apt to finding cancerous moles and lesions on the scalp than most physicians. Surveyors from the Harvard University School of Public Health interviewed 200 stylists from Houston, TX and found that more than half of them had found melanoma in their clients’ scalps, despite having never received formal training in melanoma detection.

The scalp is an unusual place to find melanoma, so physicians usually don’t check there. Because beauticians deal with their clients’ scalps, they are in a prime position to make discoveries that could potentially save lives. Here are five melanoma warning signs to look out for while cutting or styling hair:

  • Irregularly shaped moles with two sides that look different from each other.
  • Moles with scalloped or irregular edges or borders.
  • Moles with several different colors or uneven shades.
  • Moles that easily bleed.
  • Moles that spread out, discoloring nearby skin.

Because people rarely see the tops of their heads, you provide a service by simply drawing attention a mole in their scalp. Clients who make a trip to the dermatologist early in the development of a melanoma have a much higher chance of simply removing the growth before it turns malignant or spreads.

A beautician’s career is rewarding in hundreds of ways. To get started on yours today, contact a Utah or Arizona beauty school.

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