January 31, 2013

Choosing the Beauty School Course That Matches Your Passion

You love beauty and ways to create it; you can see people as living canvasses to actualize their innate charms and confidence. You would like to know what beauty courses to study in order to make a living from your passions. Possibly you already know what turns you on the most; hair stylist, hair colorist, esthetician, nail technician, manicurist, make-up artist or general a cosmetologist; a cosmetologist most times has some training in a varying combination of the above fields.

Choosing Your Beauty Specialty

Deciding what you’re passionate about in the field of beauty is usually the easy part, you know what you like to do. It’s tougher to choose the right school with the appropriate beauty courses that will get you licensed and certified. Just as with any other skilled profession you will probably have to serve an apprenticeship. The quality of your apprenticeship opportunity will be dependent on the quality of school you choose. The best salons and day spas often only accept apprentices from the best schools.

It is always best to know what the course requirements are before you decide to go to a beauty school. The laws vary from state to state so be sure to check your state laws for certification and licensing. Generally a cosmetologist or beauty specialist must be 16 years old, be able to prove knowledge of their skill by passing a written test and some states require high school graduation or a GED.

Selecting the Right Apprenticeship

Once you’ve decided what your beauty specialty will be it is often best to seek out someone already working in the field for some guidance. Make an appointment to interview a salon owner or talk to a specialist, inquire about apprenticing with them while you’re in school. Learn about the tests and requirements first hand. Many apprenticeships involve general cosmetology help tasks, you may receive some exposure to you passion, but it’s not unheard of for someone who wants to become a hair stylist; apprenticing for a while with a manicurist. You’re learning the business.

Cosmetologist is customarily a catch all title that encompasses all of the beauty specialized professions. One would be hard pressed to discover a cosmetologist’s job description.

An apprentice in the beauty profession will generally perform the following duties —


  • Shampoo, condition and massage hair and scalps
  • Observe and advise clients on any scalp conditions that may require treatment; either cosmetically or medically.
  • Treat with lotions and ointments any conditions a customer may have.
  • Keep treatment records.

What Are Apprentices Expected to Learn?

In addition to their beauty courses apprentices are expected to learn a variety of tasks from their assignments.

  • Observe the process of operating a salon and learn professionalism.
  • To become proficient in communicating with peers and clients by telephone, email and other written forms.
  • Customer service skills.
  • How to develop and maintain professional and client relationships.


Are Beauty School Courses for You?

A good indicator to the answer of that question is if you’re doing beauty and cosmetology activities in your spare time. If you’re surfing the web or reading beauty magazines to get ideas or even criticize the look or the work done on the model. If you’re offering all of your friend’s makeovers, new haircuts or make-up ideas; if you have a scrapbook or website to display the work you’ve done on friends and family. If you’re constantly trying new beauty products and looks on yourself…then it’s a great bet that cosmetology is the profession for you.

How Avalon Beauty Courses Will Guide You to Your Cosmetology Passion

It doesn’t matter whether you’re fresh out of high school or considering a change of career; Avalon School of Cosmetology can help you into your professional dream. The all-consuming desire at Avalon is for you to realize the extraordinary feeling of working at the job that you love doing. We are on the leading edge of cosmetology trends and techniques; the beauty courses we offer are so much more than simple lecture-listen snoozers, we will engage your passion with our passion for the beauty field. For beauty courses that can change your life Avalon is the place.

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