January 30, 2013

How to Pick the Right Foundation for Your Skin


Choosing the right skin foundation can be a frustrating experience. Many women wind up buying a product which is too light or too dark for their skin. The end result is that the skin look unnatural and overly made up. Thankfully, there are a few tips which can help women select the right shade of foundation for their skin.

Determine the Color Tones in Skin Foundation

All foundation products have one of three base colors. These colors are listed below.

1. Pink

Foundations with a pink base are best for women who have pink tones in their skin. These products are generally used by women with pale complexions.

2. Yellow

Yellow based foundations are suitable for women with olive to dark skin. These foundations are often used by Asian, Indian and light skinned African women. This is because people from these ethnic groups often have golden tones in their skin.

3. Orange

Women with very dark skin may need to use orange based foundations.

The best way to determine the tone of the product is to apply some to the jawline. If the color looks unnatural, then the consumer may be trying on a product with the wrong tone.

Apply Skin Foundation to the Jawline

One of the biggest mistakes women make when buying foundation is trying out colors on their hand. The skin on the hands tends to be darker than the skin on the face as the hands are more exposed to the sun. If the product looks good on the hands, it is likely to be too dark for the face. It is also worth noting that the face is often lighter than the neck. Due to this, women should test products on their jawline. A color that works on the jawline will be suitable for both the face and neck. This will stop the neck and face from appearing mismatched. The ideal shade will sink into the skin without leaving a mark.

Lastly, women will need to choose the coverage that best suits their skin. People with minimal blemishes will be fine using a light liquid foundation. Those with uneven skin tone or acne problems may need medium to full coverage. Consumers can get assistance choosing the right skin foundation from the sales staff at the make-up counter.

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