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January 25, 2013

The Latest Trend in the Beauty Industry

Trends in the beauty industry are ever changing, with Hollywood and the catwalk being the arbiters of what’s in and what’s out. Certain constants always apply, though: Women want to look younger, sleeker, more glamorous and more perfect than they already are. And these women will go to varying lengths to achieve those ends. The smart cosmetologist or esthetician has their pulse on what’s hot and what will be.

Poring over glossy magazines full of beauty ads can be confounding. There is so much contradictory information out there about what’s hot in the beauty industry.

Let’s try to break it down into what’s currently trending.

  • Non-invasive liposuction. Known as “lunchtime lipo,” this procedure takes the pain and recovery out of trimming the fat. Using ultrasound waves instead of a scalpel, fat cells are heated to the point of dying. A few courses of this speedy, almost painless treatment, and voila! A tighter tummy. Ideal for the busy woman, and the average lady who can’t afford the expensive, invasive and dangerous old-fashioned method. Don’t discount men, either! Manscaping and other procedures continue to be hot among men.
  • Eyebrows. We can thank the Kate Middleton effect for bringing back strong, shapely brows. Estheticians will work with the natural brow to give it a clean shape, and clients will fortify brows with pencil if needed. Threading to shape brows remains popular, and less prone to disaster than waxing.
  • Nail adornments. First it was the crackle effect, then the “feature nail (one nail of each hand with a different color, crackle or design).” Now it’s jewellery for the feature nail! Nail technicians are now stocking everything from basic rhinestones to intricate metal designs that stick on.
  • Botox and Fillers. These remain strong, with more and more women opting to have injections. Botox smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, and fillers like Restylane plump lips, chins, and that pesky dark undereye area. Cosmetic surgeons are noting that demand increases as awareness grows. Women now all have someone in their social circle who has tried it, and therefore are more willing to take the plunge themselves.
  • 3D Cosmetics. The non-surgical facelift, using dermal fillers and local anesthetic. Using the 3D Vector, this procedure takes under and hour and lasts up to a year and a half.
  • The “natural” face is back!  Bare makeup waxes and wanes in popularity every few years, and those who have been through it before know just how difficult it can be to achieve that natural look. Professional cosmeticians are once again teaching us at the makeup counter how to apply just the right shades for our skin tone to make us look like we’re sporting nothing but the morning dew.

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