January 28, 2013

The Secret of Being a Successful Makeup Artist


People who have learned flawless makeup artistry may be wondering how to start a successful career as a make-up artist. There are a few steps that make-up artists can take to improve their career. These include networking, studying and building up a portfolio.

Get Training as a Make-Up Artist

The first step in becoming a make-up artist is getting training. Those who think they already know how to apply make-up need to be aware that applying everyday make-up is very different to applying wedding, television, film and catwalk make-up. Professional make-up artists utilize tips and tricks that the average person does not know about.

Taking classes will ensure that job seekers are trained and have a portfolio that they can show employers. As the make-up field is very competitive, it is important that job applicants have excellent makeup application skills. Well-known employers are looking for artists that have worked with big brands and have a good reputation.

Build Up a Portfolio

The best make-artists have thick portfolios full of images of their previous work. Most artists will start their portfolio while they are at beauty school. They will then add more images to their book as they start working. Those who are having difficulty finding make-up jobs should consider doing a few jobs for free. These jobs will give make-up artists an opportunity to take more pictures for their portfolio.

Most clients will want to see the artist’s portfolio before they hire them for a job. As clients are reluctant to hire inexperienced artists, the portfolio should have a good number of images. Ideally, these images will be of a variety of different looks and styles.

Network and Build Contacts

In some jobs, working hard is enough to become successful. In others, employees will need to promote themselves to potential employers. The make-up industry is very small. As a result, many people are hired because they have the right contacts. Those who want to succeed in this field will need to network themselves aggressively. This means handing out business cards, attending industry functions and making an effort to meet other people in the industry.

Becoming a successful make-up artist is not an easy job. Like most freelance work it will take time and effort to build up a client base. However, those who are good at their job and network effectively will eventually find success. Those who are passionate about their work are more likely to succeed as this passion will carry them through rough patches. Freelance make-up artists need to be prepared for times where work is scarce. Newbies to the field can start by learning flawless make-up artistry at beauty school.

If you are interested in becoming a make-up artist, you should contact us regarding beauty courses. Our staff at  the Avalon School of Cosmetology will be able to give you information about suitable courses. We will also be able to advise you about financing options. Our courses will teach you how to apply make-up and become successful in this field.

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