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February 8, 2013

Cosmetology License Requirements for the State of Arizona

Many professions the world over are usually guided by regulatory bodies charged with setting professional standards for the same. Cosmetology,the study that deals with beautification of people, is not an exception to professional regulation in America. This article particularly focuses on cosmetology license requirements within the State of Arizona.

Cosmetology Licensing Requirements

The State of Arizona plays host to the Arizona Board of Cosmetology, the regulatory body charged with setting the licensing standards with respect to cosmetological practice.The board stipulates that for an aspiring beauty practitioner, he or she must have prior to his application for licensure, attended a duly accredited cosmetology school and attained full academic training with a cumulative 1600 hours of lecture sessions.Taking the State’s board examination(offered in English) is the culmination of the academic process. This is the first instance in the journey towards acquiring a license.

Secondly,an applicant for the cosmetology license, in addition to academic training, must thereafter undertake and pass a cosmetology certification examination which is invigilated by the Arizona Board of Cosmetology in order to be granted a practicing license. Upon satisfactorily passing the said exam, a person is then granted a license and is therefore free to practice cosmetology in the state of Arizona.This is a professional process that determines the course of one’s certification in the field of cosmetology.

It must be understood that the board takes exceptions to its requisites, and therefore an aspiring beauty practitioner can be granted license if (s)he resides in another state, and has been licensed under the professional regulatory environment of that state.This is called the principle of licensing reciprocity.For instance, a person wishing to become a practitioner of cosmetology within the state of Arizona, but with qualifications and practicing license having been granted under the laws and regulation of another state, can do so, so long as (s)he makes an application for license reciprocity or by sitting the board certification examination. In spite of the laws regulating licensing for cosmetology and its specialist branches, a person can be granted a license under the principle of reciprocity if he or she:

  • Makes an application for the practitioner license;
  • Satisfies the Arizona Board of Cosmetology that he has undertaken the requisite academic training and has satisfactorily passed the board examinations. Academic training in this respect must be substantially similar to the academic standards in Arizona.

High School Diploma

Another requirement that adds value to the whole license acquisition process is the attainment of minimum of 2 years or equivalent of High school education and being at the minimum age of 23 years upon application for the same. It must however be noted that the Arizona Board of Cosmetology can not grant one a practitioner license if he or she makes an application of the same based on his or her apprenticeship experience.

It must also be appreciated that all these are generic cosmetology license requirements,and therefore one must inquire into the the requirements of differentiated fields like aesthetics,nail beautification and the like in order to acquire a holistic picture of all that is needed before one embarks on making an application for the same. Your journey to getting a license should start at Avalon Cosmetology College where we offer the best training in Arizona.

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