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February 19, 2013

Esthetics Offers Job Security and More

There is an ever-growing number of career opportunities within the field of esthetics, despite the recent recession and a slowly recovering economy. Many people who are considering attending beauty school today are drawn to the profession because of the high demand in the marketplace for qualified professionals to perform natural and alternative skin and body treatments.

Career Opportunities for Estheticians: Who Are The Clients

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of skincare, and the popularity of professionals treatments is rising as well. Esthetics is one of the fastest growing hospitality-related careers today, with open positions around the world and in every major city in the United States.

It is no longer only the wealthy who seek a relaxing spa experience. In fact, it’s not just women or those in big cities, either. The clientele for spa and skincare professionals has blossomed in recent years, with clients from all walks of life calling for the services. Spa treatments are no longer limited to fancy resorts, instead they are now offered in stand-alone businesses, three and four star hotels and even in fitness centers.

Career Opportunities for Estheticians

Because of the demand for their services, estheticians seem to have an unlimited income potential and guaranteed job security. They can also accept jobs where they are most comfortable. The common places estheticians work include:

  • Resorts have long-offered spa treatments focused on the skin and body. This is where many older generations of estheticians honed their craft.
  • Day spas are usually stand-alone businesses who offer massages, facials, and other services.
  • Salons add more services in order to be a better value for their clients. In some cases this includes tanning, facials and other skin and body-related services.
  • Department stores use licensed estheticians both in day spas and at their makeup counters.
  • Dermatologists offices will sometimes have an esthetician on-staff to perform skin care services as well as teach techniques to patients for home care.
  • Health clubs, sports clubs and gyms sometimes have steam rooms, saunas, massage areas and other related services. In many cases, this may include an esthetician renting space from the club or on staff.
  • Hotels strive to serve their customer bases through added benefits. Luxurious add-ons at many nice hotels include facials, mud baths and other skin treatments.
  • Cruise ships offer passengers a chance to relax, and this usually includes several options for spa treatments. You can find a staff of estheticians on almost any cruise ship docking in port today.

Avalon School of Cosmetology graduates who are now successful estheticians have seen that their education has paid off. To learn more about Avalon’s esthetics programs and career opportunities with esthetics, contact us today.

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