February 5, 2013

How to Become A Nail Technician

nail technicianA nail technician, often referred to as a manicurist, is a professional who is trained to provide nail and hand treatments to clients. The specific job duties of a nail technician may include duties such as clipping, cleansing, filing and painting nails. They may also give hand massages. Some nail technicians may use gels or acrylics on their clients’ nails.

The education and training needed to become a manicurist is generally the same in every state. Below are some of the steps that are necessary for becoming a manicurist.

Steps in Becoming a Nail Technician

1) Graduate from High School

Most cosmetology schools require that a person possess a high school diploma or GED before starting the program. However, there are some technical high schools that allow a person to start taking cosmetology courses before graduating. In these programs, students learn about hand and nail care through laboratory and classroom instruction. Students who complete cosmetology courses at a technical high school may be able to take their licensing exam after they graduate. These students may not need to attend cosmetology school after high school.

2) Complete Cosmetology School

Manicurists are required to complete a state-approved cosmetology program. These programs can be found at technical schools, community colleges and cosmetology schools. Some of the courses that are typically required by cosmetology programs include:

  • chemistry
  • sanitation
  • nail disorders
  • artificial nails

These programs also teach aspiring manicurists how to properly use equipment.

Tips for Success

While you are in cosmetology school, you want to take the time to build up your portfolio. Your portfolio should contain some examples of your best work. Your chances of finding a job after graduating will be greater if you have a portfolio because employers typically want to see examples of your work before they hire.

3) Get Your License

Before a manicurist can work, he or she must earn a state license. In most cases, people who are at least 16 and have completed an accredited cosmetology program will be able to take the licensing exam. The licensing process can vary from state to state, but students are typically required to take a practical and written exam. They must successfully complete both parts.

4) How to Advance With Experience

There are a number of career opportunities available for nail technicians. They can work in spas, nail salons and beauty salons. An experience manicurist can advance and apply for a managerial position. Some people even teach at cosmetology schools, open up their own business or become sales representatives for beauty companies. It is important to note that nail technicians can attend seminars or take continuing education courses in order to stay up to date with the latest safety regulations and trends.

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