February 2, 2013

What You Study At a Makeup Artist School

makeup artistry schoolSome people like the razzmatazz and buzz associated with theatrical performances. If you fall in this category, a career as a makeup artist might be a good fit for you. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the national annual median wage for makeup artists stands at $63,710. While the top 10% make as much as $122,050 annually, the bottom 10% take home about $20,490 every year. These professionals generally work in diverse industries including motion picture and video, performing arts, radio and TV broadcasting, amusement parks, and arcades. However, you must go through makeup artist school in order to forge a career in the industry. Keep reading to learn what you will be studying as a makeup artist.

The Art of Creative Makeup

This course aims to give students a good theoretical understanding of cosmetics by exploring the materials and tools used to apply makeup as well as types of makeup products. Students normally learn the relevant safety and health issues associated with makeup artistry. Students also learn factors that affect the design and application of makeup as well as the various techniques that they can use to apply makeup.

Creative Hairstyling

Of course, makeup artistry involves more than just applying makeup to the face. Often times, clients require their makeup artists to come up with creative hairstyles, which is all part of the job description. Therefore, one must learn how to produce a wide range of hairstyles, both traditional and modern, to meet his or her clients’ demands. These skills are likely to come in handy if you have to prepare catwalk models or even actors on a movie set.

Portfolio Development

Learning theory in class is not enough in the makeup industry. Therefore, you must translate the theory into handiwork. This course will prepare you to develop and showcase your talent. In addition, you will learn how to present your ideas in a professional manner.

Professional Practice

This course will give you the opportunity to practice what you have learned as a makeup artist. You can think of this as an internship. As such, acing this course can make the difference between getting a job offer and wallowing in unemployment. A study carried out by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found that 80% of interns never struggle to find a job because employers are often ready to offer interns who impress them jobs.

As a makeup artist, you would be able to find work in advertising, film production, television, or even the performing arts, just to mention a few industries. However, before you start a career in the field, you should graduate from a makeup artist school. At Avalon school of cosmetology, we not only teach our students how to apply makeup but also factors that affect artistic makeup design. Call us on 888-675-5509 for more information.

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