February 14, 2013

Tips For Selecting a Cosmetology School

Cosmetology is a career field that is always in demand. No matter the economy, high-quality cosmetology training opens doors for graduates that might be closed in other industries. People will always want to look their best, so there will always be a job for cosmetologists.

Selecting A Cosmetology Training School

Getting the best beauty school education possible lays the foundation for a successful career in the field. This means that selecting the right school for your needs is critical in ensuring your future. No matter if you are considering a traditional curriculum or an online degree, it is important to weigh your needs versus what a school has to offer in order to make the right decision. Some considerations for selecting a school include:

  • Choose a school that prepares you for state licensing. Each State Board has its own requirements in order to become a certified professional. The licensing board in each state makes its requirements publicly available, and you can review these to ensure your school’s curriculum meets them before enrolling.
  • Find a school that offers coursework in the specialty that interest you. A school’s curriculum outlines the skills you will learn during your training. Some schools offer basic training that covers the general topics of hair cutting, styling, nail care, skin care and cosmetics. Others offer these courses plus additional coursework covering specialty subjects such as hair coloring or hair removal. Depending on your career goals, a more in-depth program may be a better choice.
  • Look for accreditation. All reputable cosmetology programs are accredited. Accreditation can come from the state level or from a nation-wide accrediting organization, depending on if it is a public or a private school. This applies to online and traditional program equally. Most online programs were launched by traditional schools, so they offer similar material. If they have been accredited, this means they also offer a high-quality education.
  • Talk with students who currently attend the school or those who have recently graduated. They can offer you an inside look at the school, as well as talk to you about how the degree is viewed in the marketplace after graduation. They may also have tips or advice on courses, instructors and other aspects of the beauty school.

Cosmetology Training Online

Cosmetology school may not be cheap. Not only could it it be a sizable investment, but taking time off from a current job or hiring a babysitter during class time can be costly for students as well. Distance education programs, usually held online, could be the answer for these students.

In accredited online cosmetology courses, students use technology to interact with instructors and other students. This can include utilizing forums, video lectures, streaming demonstration videos, conferencing and instant messaging. In many cases, students must still complete some hands-on training at a salon school or during an apprenticeship.

Online courses drastically reduce the time spent on-campus though, which can be viewed as a disadvantage to many students seeing that their hands-on experience is significantly limited.

Avalon School of Cosmetology has the program flexibility to meet your needs when it comes to cosmetology training. Contact us to find out more about how to get your start in the beauty industry today.

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