March 19, 2013

2013’s Hottest Nail Trends

hottest nail trends

This year promises to be quite colorful indeed. Colors are louder and more vibrant. This promises to be a fashionable year indeed. However, clothes, accessories and shoes aside, nail art has become a vital necessity to achieve a stylish ensemble. So here are the hottest nail trends for 2013.

Ombre Or Gradient Art

Ombre or gradient clothing became the star of 2012. People posted tutorials on how to create gradient hair, clothing and nails. This trend is not going anywhere. In fact, it will remain one of the hottest nail trends this year, especially during the Spring and Summer season. Here is a fun video tutorial that will teach you to achieve vibrant candy-colored digits.

Hello Yellow

Mustard and bright yellow are predicted to be one of the most popular nail colors this season. You can never go wrong with such a vibrant shade! Simply apply two to three coats of your sunshine shade and add a top coat.

Power Nails

The boardroom could use a bit of fun. Inject a touch of glamor with coral nails. Opt for orange-pink shades that range from understated to loud. We are quite sure your boss would approve.

The Funky French

French manicures will always be stylish. However, it would be best to try to use vibrant hues for the tip and base. Consider using gold or black for the tips, for an elegant take on this trend.

Understated Elegance

If you must have your nude tones, opt for iced sand versions. The texture will add depth to the otherwise bland colors. They look best with military green and cream hues.

High Brights

Turn the spotlight on your nails on a day when you have a low-key outfit planned. Consider using neon nail polish. They come in deliciously loud colors. Add a swipe or two of bright pink lipstick to your puckers, and you’re all set!

Flesh-Toned Digits

While this may sound like a creepy trend, flesh-toned nails are quite popular with the stylish set. If you decide to do it yourself, please keep in mind that you may have to mix two to three shades to get it right. As a tip, you can apply your nail polish in a room that has proper lighting.

Hematite Nails

Hematite nails have taken over the runway. If you love dark and tough ensembles, you would be wise to get some that contain texture, just for added sparkle. Gray has never been this fashionable!

Forget DIY tutorials if you want the best results. It would be wise to have your manicure done by experts. Avalon’s School of Cosmetology Salon Services has expert manicurists who can make your dream nail design a reality.

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