March 6, 2013

Average Cosmetology Salaries Across the Country

Those students of cosmetology that are willing to work hard and do their best can expect far higher salaries than those that are willing to sit by and take whatever job they can get. There are a few basic jobs that those students that are completing a cosmetology program can expect to have a chance at getting after graduation and each of them has different salaries and benefits. Understanding what you want from a cosmetology degree is the best way to get the job you want and the salary you deserve

Cosmetology Salary for Big Chain Hair Dressers

This can be classified as any individual that works on hair as their main focus. Generally, a beautician works at a hair salon and either rents out a chair or is assigned a chair and gets a basic salary. In some salons, the hair dressers are given a blanket pay like $15.00 an hour which can be supplemented with tips and special appointments. This is the most common configuration in chain hair salons or in larger scale hair salons that are not willing to let a hair dresser make their own client list.

Cosmetology Salary for Hair Dressers

Another option however is the chair rental option. This means that a salon allows the hair dresser to use a chair in the salon for a share of the money that they make either through special appointments or through tips. The first option generally results in a salary of about $30,000 a year. The second option however depends entirely on skill and may end with a salary that is as high as $40,000 or $50,000 a year depending on skill and client base.

Nail Technicians/ Salon Professionals

This can be classified as anyone that works on makeup, nails, facials, and other salon applications that are not specifically hair. Again, this type of professional is generally hired at the salon or beauty shop to help complete tasks that may not have been fulfilled by hair dressers or other salon professionals that are in the shop. For those that are salon professionals and not hair dressers, generally there is a base pay that is applied and any tips that may be gained through work. Now with this type of work there is a chance that professionals can become skilled enough to gain a regular client base but the likelihood of any increased wages because of it are slim.

In this case most salons hire on an hourly rate of about $13.00 per hour then any tips that may be collected. This type of worker can expect to make about $30,000 a year. However, it is important to keep in mind that different salons and shops pay differently and in areas where the cost of living is higher, there will be higher per hour payments and higher salaries overall. Overall, the basic cosmetology salary is about $30,000 per year depending on location and how much each salon pays.

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