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March 23, 2013

Beauty Habits to Lose

Most of the routine that many women and men use every day is out of habit. Breaking some common beauty tips that have held true for decades may be the best way to get your hair and face looking years younger. Breaking these habits may be hard, but it is fully necessary.

1)      The Turban– though this turban style has been around for decades as a quick way to dry hair, it is damaging and may lead to breakage and weakness of the hair shaft. Try instead squeezing the hair dry to remove excess water rather than twisting it up in a tight and damaging towel turban.

2)      Morning Face Wash– though many people start their day by washing their face, this could lead to dryness and wrinkles that are completely unnecessary. Try instead splashing cool water on the face to get your blood flowing rather than using harsh cleansers that can rob the face of essential oils that can make your face dry and older looking.

3)      Frequent Exfoliation– though your face may feel a million times better after exfoliation, doing it too often can seriously damage the skins ability to regenerate skin cells. It is far better to take a few moments to wash the face with a gentle wash than to exfoliate the heck out of it every day. It is far better to exfoliate no more than twice a week and simply clean in between exfoliations.

4)      Pumping The Mascara Wand– though it may seem like the best way to get the last out of your favorite mascara, pumping the wand can introduce air into the tube which makes it far easier for bacteria to grow. It also makes it nearly impossible to get the last bits of mascara out of the tube if there is too much air in the tube. Try instead swirling the wand around the inner edge of the container to get the mascara that has been pushed onto the walls.

5)      Using Too Many Products– it may seem like a great idea to use seven different moisturizers along with several different cleansers but the key is to keep it simple. Using too many products creates build up which prevents the skin from taking in the essential elements that make moisturizers and other skin products really work. It is important to take the time to find a few good products that work rather than using ten that may have little to no effect.

6)      Forgetting to Take Care of the Neck– the neck is one of the first parts of the face to age , it is important to add moisture to the skin of the neck to keep it tight and well hydrated.

7)      Using a Straw– though many claim that this is the only way to drink, it may be helping contribute to age lines around the mouth. Try instead gently sucking on the straw rather than puckering up and sucking hard enough to leave lines and unwanted wrinkles.

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