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March 22, 2013

Beauty Mistakes That You Should Avoid At All Costs

Every woman can use some beauty tips. Many women are making mistakes when they are applying their makeup. Below are some of the mistakes that women frequently make:

Not Wearing the Right Foundation

Foundation is designed to mask imperfections. However, some women are wearing the wrong type of foundation. You want to choose a foundation that blends in well with your natural skin tone.

Do Not Apply Makeup to Dry Skin

You will not get the results that you want if you put makeup on over dry skin. That is why you should exfoliate your skin once a week to prevent your skin from becoming dry.

Wearing Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow may be good for a few people, but it is certainly not right for everyone. You may want to avoid wearing blue eyeshadow.

Do Not Try to Plump Up Your Lips

You may have heard that you can make your lips look bigger by putting a little bit of lip liner outside of your natural lip line. However, this is a lot harder than you may think.

Ignoring or Over Tweezing Your Eyebrows

You want to keep your eyebrows groomed because they can really bring out your eyes. You do not want to tweeze the eyebrows too thin.

Wearing too Many Colors on Your Eyelids

Just because your compact came with a bunch of colors does not mean that you have to paint them all on your eyelids. You should not wear more than three colors at one time.

Attempting to Sculpt Your Face

Everyone wants a dainty, ski-slope nose or chiseled cheekbones. However, you cannot create that by using makeup. If you would like to learn more about make up artists or if you would like to become a makeup artist yourself, all you have to do is contact us and we will answer any questions you might have relating to make up artistry training program.

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