March 14, 2013

Celebrity Manicurist April Foreman Shares Her 7 Nail Essentials

While fashionable clothing, be it bags, shoes and other accessories are always the stars of the show, people forget that the secret to any well put together outfit is polished tips and toes. April Foreman is a celebrity manicurist who is the genius behind Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron’s flawless digits. In This article, she shares 7 nail essentials that manicurists should always have in their kits.

Most of us will admit to scanning Red Carpet looks and zooming into the nails of these celebrities, in an attempt to cop the exact shade of nail lacquer they are wearing.

Must-have Essentials For Manicurists

While it would take a miracle to look like renowned celebrities like Jennifer Lopez or Charlize Theron, the closest thing we can achieve are picture-perfect nails, which are as well polished as theirs. Here are 7 nail essentials that no manicurist or novice nail aficionado should be without.

Cuticle Oil

Foreman prefers Dr. Haushka Neem Nail Oil to any other brand. At $39.95, it is quite a steal. She says that this product nourishes and heals hands and nails like nothing else. The celebrity manicurist also thinks that if one were to have but two products in one’s kit, it should be a glass nail file and cuticle oil.

Glass Nail File

Foreman believes that not all nail files are created equally. She prefers the glass variety because they are gentle on the nails, lasts a lifetime and are easy to clean. She also advises people to use one side to buff any ridges gently and to use the other side to create a healthy-looking shine.

Foot Scrub

Foreman suggests cleaning feet with a good salt scrub at least once a week. She prefers Ole Henriksen Rub N’ Buff Salt Scrub, which costs $48. She adds that it has a fresh mint essence that feels invigorating and is not sticky or irritating.

Heel Lotion

Cracked heels can make even the prettiest toes look unkempt. You can stave dryness off by using moisturizing heel lotion. Foreman swears by CND Cucumber heel Therapy. According to her, it has a light texture that absorbs immediately into the skin and says one can put shoes on minutes after application without the slip factor that is brought on by heavier creams. At a mere $15, you can hydrate your feet to perfection.

The Base Coat

A good primer is essential if one wishes to create a perfect manicure. Foreman swears that Butter London’s Nail Foundation Base Coat is her favorite. At $18, we will definitely give it a try. She claims that the product can fix bumps, flakes or odd tints. Apparently, even if nails have spots or peels, this product can help them look even, which makes it a perfect primer. This base coat has a slightly nude hue that helps sheer shades stand out better.

Vibrant Nail Colors

Foreman prefers bright nail polish. Her go-to shades this season are Thakoon for NARS Nail Polish Collection, which costs $18 each. These bright and bubbly shades are both modern and playful. She also states that the best place to experiment with colors are the nails.

If you want to cop off the hottest shades that your favorite celebrities have on, head off to an Avalon School of Cosmetology’s Salon Service that is nearest to your location. Their skilled team of manicurists can help you find the perfect shade to suit your fancy.

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