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March 23, 2013

Choosing the Right Moisturizer

moisturizing creamChoosing the right moisturizer is essential for anyone that truly wants to get any good out of their products. You can use the most expensive brands and best rated products but unless they are right for your skin and for your individual needs, they are not going to do much good. Taking the time to consider the products that are right for you is the first step when it comes to finding a product that really works.

Smell of the Moisturizer

The smell of the moisturizer is an important factor. This is an incredibly important factor as those creams that are very pungent and that are very perfumed may cause irritation and painful swelling. It is important to take the time to get a cream that is not necessarily very perfumed than it is to get a product that is highly fragranced and that may cause irritation that will take time to reverse. Fragrance is the number one cause of irritation from creams and moisturizers and as such it is almost always better to get either lightly fragranced or fragrance free products.

Effect of the Moisturizer on the Skin

There are a few different textures that buyers can expect to encounter and each of them has a different effect on the skin. Products that are waxy are often far harder on skin than other textures, and may cause build up and even breakouts or unnecessary oiliness. Another texture to consider is watery, this type of texture is best for those skin types that are very sensitive and need water based products to help prevent irritation. This type of product is great for a light moisturizer that is not too heavy. Oily is another texture that is common. This is best for those skin types that are very dry and that need tons of extra moisture to get hydrated.

Breakouts and Irritation

This is yet another factor to consider. Those skin types that are prone to breakouts should opt for light moisturizers that are water based not oil based. It is important that products not be used when skin is broken out as it can cause further irritation that may not be easily reversible. For those skin types that are frequently irritated,  using a sensitive skin moisturizer or one that has little to no fragrance and soothing botanicals is the best option to keep skin under control.


This is by far the least important factor to consider. Though it is important to keep within price range, items that are more expensive are not necessarily better than those that are cheaper. On the other hand, cheaper products are likely to have less expensive ingredients which could, but does not necessarily mean, lower quality products. There is a product for everyone and though price does dictate it a bit, it should not be the deciding factor when it comes to a moisturizer. Choosing the right moisturizer is one thing, applying it correctly is another thing. If you would like to learn more about moisturizers, contact us at Avalon School of Cosmetology and our staff will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might be having.

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