March 9, 2013

What are the Cosmetology License requirements for the State of Arizona?

In the US, cosmetology license requirements vary across the states. However, the guidelines set by different state regulatory bodies all aim to ensure clients receive quality services. For instance, in Arizona cosmetologists who want to practice their trade in an industry that is set to grow by 14% through 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, should first get a license from the Arizona State Board of Cosmetology. Here are the requirements you would have to fulfill for the aforementioned board to grant you a license:

Cosmetology License Requirements

In addition to completing at least two years of high school education, suitable applicants must also be graduates of accredited cosmetology schools that train students on various aspects of cosmetology such as hairstyling, makeup, salon management, skin care, nail art and technology as well as hair braiding. In such schools, students must complete at least 1,600 cumulative hours of lecture sessions. At the end of the cosmetology course, students take an exam administered by the State’s examination board. This consists of both written as well as practical skills test components. Although students who pass that exam can proceed to apply for a license, one must also have completed 600 hours of training in esthetics and 600 hours of training in nail technology.

Cosmetology License Requirements: Reciprocity

If you have already earned a cosmetology license from another state, you do not have to enroll in cosmetology school again to acquire a license. Instead, you can transfer your license through the license-for-license reciprocity program. According to the Arizona Board of Cosmetology, the license application process for out-of-state cosmetologists involves:

  • Submitting an application for cosmetology, nail technician, or esthetician license to the board.
  • Submitting proof of licensure in another state or country. However, the cosmetology license requirements in your home state must be similar to Arizona’s.
  • Finally, you must pay the required fees.

The board will review the application and grant a license if you fulfill all the requirements.

Cosmetology License Renewal

In Arizona, cosmetologists must renew their licenses every year. It is important to note that ongoing education is not mandatory in order to renew the license. However, continuous education can help you stay abreast with the current trends in the cosmetology industry. The Arizona Board of cosmetology charges a fee of $30 to renew a single license.

Cosmetologists offer various services to their clients such as hair styling and make up application, manicuring, facial treatments, eyebrow shaping, hair braiding, and hair coloring. We can help you develop skills to excel in the industry such as creativity and communication skills. In addition, licensing plays an important role in the Arizona cosmetology industry. In light of that, we can help you to fulfill most of the licensing requirements, including includes 1,600 hours of cosmetology lecture sessions, 600 hours esthetics training, and 600 hours nail technology training. Finally, cosmetology license requirements also include passing the state examination as well as the cosmetology exam at the beauty school level. If you would like to get into the lucrative business of cosmetologists, you should check out Avalon Institute.

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