March 5, 2013

Little Known Differences Between Cosmetology and Barbering

There is a great deal of difference between cosmetology and barbering and understanding these differences can help any skilled professional make the distinction between these two seemingly similar professions. These differences are at once subtle and great and can make a world of difference for those considering entering either profession.


  • Shaving
  • Cutting Hair
  • Basic Hygiene

The first difference in barbering and cosmetology is of course that barbers are trained to shave a man’s face. This can be an incredibly difficult process and as such much of the time that is spent in training is spent learning how to use a straight razor for traditional shaving and how to use a modern razor for regular shaving. There is much pride placed in this skill and most cosmetology students do not have this skill in their repertoire.

Cutting hair and other basic hygiene skills are also part of barbering. Things like cutting hair with both clippers and scissors, being able to make designs and specific styles in hair, and more are required to be a proficient barber that is well versed. This type of skill is generally well taught and every student of barbering has an array of skills when it comes to cutting hair. Other basic hygiene skills may be things like trimming mustaches and beards and trimming eyebrows.


  • Hair Cutting
  • Makeup
  • Nails
  • Skin Care

Cosmetology is a bit more complex as a profession and generally requires more skills and abilities than other professions like barbering. Rather than simply being able to cut hair or shave a face, students of cosmetology are generally required to be a jack of all trades being able to do nails, makeup, skin care, and even cutting hair. Though these skills may be better honed in some individuals and there may be some specialists, for the most part cosmetology students must be able to at least preform any of the above listed tasks.

Difference Between Cosmetology and Barbering

Though hair cutting is the basis of most cosmetology degrees, it is not the whole of the process. Those students of cosmetology have to be able to apply false nails and care for them through manicures, they have to be able to apply makeup to a certain degree which means that they need to be able to apply basic makeup for events like weddings and parties, they need to be able to apply skin care like facials and other moisturizers, and they also need to be able to perform other basic beauty tasks that may be asked of them.

Though these two professions are very different, they are also quite similar. The main goal of both is to get people looking their best in the shortest amount of time possible. These two professions are essential to the success of any one individual when it comes to changing their look. We at Avalon Institute offer both courses, therefore, if you would like to learn more about the differences between cosmetology and barbering contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have relating to beauty courses and the beauty industry at large.

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