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March 9, 2013

Effective Nail Care Tips for Healthy Nails

effective nail care tipsWhen you want great looking nails, it is important to follow some simple nail care tips. Not only will taking care of your nails help keep them looking their best, but it will also ensure that they remain strong and healthy as well. Fortunately, nail care procedures do not have to be time-consuming or expensive in order to be effective. Following a few simple tips can make a big difference in the look of your nails.

Many times people get in the habit of biting their nails or picking at their cuticles. These are bad habits that can cause infection and certainly do not leave your nails looking healthy. Another common way that many people abuse their nails is to use them as tools. If you want great looking nails, you can’t use them to pry open cans, poke a hole in a package or any of the other multitudes of tasks that can damage your nails. Taking good care of your nails means ensuring that they are not being abused by these types of damaging activities.

Nail Care Tips to Keep Your Nails Healthy

  • Keep your nails dry — when cleaning, washing dishes or using chemicals be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands and nails.
  • Trim and file your nails — use fingernail clippers or manicure scissors to trim your nails. Cut straight across, then round the edges into a gentle curve. Follow this with a gentle filing to ensure your nail is smooth.
  • Moisturize — keep your hands and nails moisturized. When applying hand lotion, work some into your nails and cuticles as well.
  • Professional Manicure — a professional manicure can be an excellent way to get our nails looking their best. In fact, at Avalon School of Cosmetology, we offer professional salon services at affordable prices.
  • Massage — massage or buff your nails to keep them strong and shiny.

Important Nail Care Tip — Notice Signs of Trouble

There are some nail conditions that should be brought to the attention of your doctor. For example, if you notice swelling, redness, pain or bleeding around your nails, you should consult with your physician. Additionally, nail changes such as thickening or thinning of the nail, change in nail shape, discoloration or separation from the surrounding skin, or nails that are weak and brittle are concerns that should be evaluated by a dermatologist or physician. One of the best ways to ensure that your nails remain looking healthy and strong is to take simple precautions to prevent damage. This can be as simple as not biting your nails or adding a coat of nail polish. Additionally, following effective nail care tips provides an excellent way to keep your nails looking their great. If you would like to get nail care services for an affordable rate, contact us at Avalon beauty school. 

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