March 21, 2013

Great Hairstyles From Fashion Week

hair styles from fashion weekOften times the hairstyles that make their way down the runway at fashion week are not all that wearable and may not be all that great for every person. This year however, there have been more wearable looks than ever. Choosing a few of these looks is a great way to glam up any wardrobe and make anyone feel like a supermodel.

  • Clipped to the side- This side swept look is perfect for anyone that wants the look of bangs without the major commitment. In this look, wearers take a section of hair from the front of the face and sweep it across to the other side. This gives the illusion of bangs without having to cut your hair. The piece is then pinned just above the ear to give added security to the look.
  • Princess Braids- this style is perfect for the whimsical and girly among us. This style features tons of delicate braids either swept into a bun or low pony tail or even in a half pony tail. The most common form of this style is a half pony with the top layer being braided together.
  • Intricate Up Dos- this style is a bit harder to pull off but with the right outfit it can be magical. These structurally inspired up dos are perfect for a night out and are absolutely fabulous for those that want a statement hair style. These can be buns, twists, or even top knots. Anything goes with this edgy style.
  • Fish tail Braids- These braids have been all the rage this season and will continue to be as the year goes on. This type of braid is great for the laid back style that makes everyone feel like a surfer. This style starts with  the hair being sectioned into two pieces. You then pull a piece from the back of one section and cross it over to the other. You then take a piece from the opposite side and cross it over. Continue this motion through the length of the hair.
  • Soft waves- this is perhaps the most doable of all the fashion week trends. It features soft beach waves that are totally wearable with any outfit. You can achieve this look by twisting hair slightly as you blow dry to get a soft and subtle effect.
  • 1940s Rolls- This style is incredibly hip especially with the imminent release of the Great Gatsby. This style is easy to achieve with a few bobby pins. Start by pinning up the majority of the hair leaving the front section loose. Then, roll the front sections into sausage like curls and pin them in place.
  • Pony Tails- this trend is an easy every day look. Just take a few moments to loosely sweep hair into a low pony tail then add feminine extras like bows, pins, and other clips.

If you would like to get one of these hairstyles, all you have to do is call us at Avalon Beauty College and book a salon appointment.

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