March 16, 2013

What Is Involved In Being an Esthetician

More and more people are choosing to get esthetician training.  Estheticians are also referred to as non-medical skin care specialists. This career takes many of the aspects of modern cosmetology and molds then into one. Estheticians care for the nails and the skin. The job of an esthetician typically does not include hairstyling.

Esthetician Training

People do not become estheticians overnight. In order to become an esthetician, you will have to get the necessary training.  The training needed to become an esthetician can be completed at cosmetology school. It takes anywhere from nine months to two years to complete a cosmetology program.

You are also required to complete a certain number of hours.  The number of hours that you are required to complete can vary. After you complete the education, you are required to pass an examination that is given by your state.

What Will I Be Doing After I Complete My Esthetician Training?

First and foremost, an esthetician is a skin care specialist. Your primary focus will be to help improve the appearance of your clients’ skin. You will be performing facials, hair removal treatments, body wraps, spa treatments and moisturizing treatments. You may also perform manicures, eyebrow tinting, shaping and pedicures.

You will also be qualified to recognize skin conditions that require a dermatologist’s attention. You cannot perform a diagnosis, so you will have to refer the patient to a doctor for  further evaluation and treatment. Furthermore, you can recommend treatments that patients can do at home to take care of their skin problems.

What Jobs Are Available for An Esthetician?

Once you graduate from esthetician school, you will have a number of job options that are available. The vast majority of estheticians work in a spa or salon, but you can also get a job as an instructor, consultant or product representative. You can also work in a dermatology or cosmetology office. Estheticians who work in a cosmetology or dermatology office are often referred to as a medical estheticians.

One of the newest jobs that is available for an esthetician is a paramedical esthetician. A paramedical esthetician works alongside cosmetic surgeons to care for the skin before or after a surgery. Paramedical estheticians aim to reduce the pain, speed up the healing process and reduce scarring of the skin.

How We Can Help You Succeed As An Esthetician?

If you want to make a great career as an esthetician, then you should not hesitate to contact us. We at Avalon School of Cosmetology are have highly-qualified instructors that want you to succeed. We will not only provide you with esthetician training, but we will also assist you in finding a job after you graduate.

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