March 20, 2013

What a Massage Can Do For Your Health

Hot Stone MassageThere are few things more invigorating that a massage spa, whether you want to get your back kneaded or your nails done or your skin treated.  The good news is that, in addition to feeling wonderful all over once you are done, there are a number of health benefits that make these spa visits an excellent way to keep yourself in good spirits and good condition.

The Flow of Things

The life giving blood that circulates through our veins is a fickle thing.  Though we have several gallons going through us at any one time, the quality of your blood flow is dependent on the circulatory system, pressure, and the oxygen content that is delivered to your cells.  A massage can target all of these things, and massage therapy is a typical means of addressing concerns that involve circulation.  When your body is kneaded and rubbed, it creates the same type of pressure on muscles that you experience after you lift weights.  Though it is not so intensive — you will not feel sore afterwards, in fact just the opposite — there is the same effect afterwards.  You brain signals the heart to increase its circulation and send more nutrient-rich blood to the area for healing.  This can reduce the inflammation around joints and tissues as well as regenerate cells for better healing.

Psychology Takes a Pounding

Stress acts on our bodies in odd ways.  Sometimes it can be next to nothing, as even the toughest day at the job or time with the family can leave someone feeling relatively fine.  Other times, it may result in a migraine or a complete shut-down of the senses.  The impact of stress can be combated by massage therapy in several different ways.  The endorphins released by the body during a massage will funnel into your brain, relieving any sensations of pain in your system.  You relax from any tension, keeping your muscles from cramping up.  The overall effect is one of lightening burdens and positivity, because you feel much more relaxed and able to face the day’s problems.  Massage is an excellent way to treat depression, since it attacks the physical problems that depression can psychologically amplify.

Go Pro Massage

The increased performance that massage can provide has not gone unnoticed.  Athletic organizations, professional or otherwise, have realized the value of this therapy.  Many sports teams have a licensed masseuse on staff in order to help provide better muscular performance and to better heal up from injuries.  If you want to take your game to the next level, whether it is at the top of the sport or just around the neighborhood, a massage spa can be the solution to your needs for athletic performance. To learn more about the salon services offered at Avalon Beauty School, call us on 877-297-2118.

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