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March 14, 2013

Mistakes That Must be Avoided When Applying for Scholarships for Cosmetology

People who are applying for scholarships for cosmetology school should avoid making common mistakes with their application form.  Experts have stated that 90% of scholarship applications are declined within the first 30 seconds of being opened.  This is because most applicants do not take the time to check whether or not they qualify for the scholarship.  Successful applicants will meet the scholarship criteria and fill out their application form completely.

Common Mistakes Made When Applying for Scholarships for Cosmetology School

Most scholarship applicants make simple errors with their application.  Some of these mistakes are listed below.

Missing Application Deadlines

Some applicants send through their application after its deadline hoping that someone will look at it.  Unfortunately, all applications received after the deadline are automatically declined.

Not Meeting Eligibility Criteria

Applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria will automatically be discarded.

Not Following Application Instructions

When an organization receives a scholarship application, they will pass the application on to a screener.  It is the screeners job to check that the application form is complete.  This means that all questions must be answered and supporting documentation is attached.  Most scholarship organizations ask applicants to send in an essay, references, photograph and letter of recommendation.  All of these items need to be in the application packet.  Screeners will not waste their time contacting applicants for more information.  Instead, they will reject the application.

Poor Spelling and Grammar

Most people in positions of power have a dislike of poor spelling and grammar.  Due to this, it is important that application forms do not contain errors.  A simple spelling error has the potential to cost an applicant their scholarship.  Applicants should carefully proofread their application before submission.

How to Complete Scholarships for Cosmetology School

The best way to apply for a scholarship is to find out which organizations offer scholarships to cosmetology students.  Once students have this information, they can get their hands on an application form.  Students need to ensure that they qualify for the scholarship before applying.  Those that do qualify need to complete the application, attach supporting documents and proofread their application.  As the majority of applicants will not meet the scholarship’s criteria, qualifying applicants will have a good chance of their application being successful.  If an application is declined, applicants should not lose hope.  There are countless other scholarships and grants that students can apply for.

If you are interested in becoming a hairstylist, make-up artist or beautician, you should contact us.  Our staff will be able to talk to you about our available courses.  Those who need scholarships for cosmetology school can contact us and talk to one of our financial aid staff who will help you develop a financial aid plan no matter your circumstances.

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