March 15, 2013

Perfect Hair Styles in Any Weather

perfect hair stylesPerfect hair styles can be hard to maintain even without inclement weather.  When the weather is not the greatest, it can cause more than just a bad hair day and ruin your perfect do.  From excess humidity to rain, all different types of weather can affect your hair.  The key is to learn how different weather patterns affect the hair and what you can do to come to your hair’s rescue on those days.

Perfect Hair Styles in the Rain

Rain has a different affect on hair than the moisture in humidity.  The moisture from rain is a cooler moisture, and for some people with curly hair can even enhance their curls for the better.  When blow drying the hair let the air flow from the roots to the ends, this will cut down on frizz on rainy days.  Using a moisturizing product in the hair that will close the cuticle is also wise during the rain.  When the weather is wet, avoid products that are heavy and have strongholds like gels and hairsprays.

Perfect Hair in the Wind

Wind can cause very tangley hair.  It can also damage the hair cuticle which causes split ends.  Keeping a comb and bobby pins handy can help combat the effects of the wind and keep the hair tamed.  Root boost products and wax on the ends of the hair will help as well.  Putting your hair in a braid or a bun, and even giving it a loose look, will not only help prevent tangles but can also look very natural in the wind.  Stronghold hairsprays work well in areas of hair you know will be the hardest hit by the wind.

Perfect Hair Styles in Humidity

Humidity equals hair frizz, and depending on your hair type, potentially an awkward fullness of the hair or hair that is lifeless and flat.  Use products that block additional moisture and provide sheen to help when humidity levels are high.  There are also anti-humidity products available on the market.

Perfect Hair in Dry Heat

Dry heat quite obviously causes hair to dry out.  Moisturizing products are the best to use to combat the dryness of these climates and weather conditions.  Moisturizing the hair is just as important as moisturizing the skin.  This can be done by using a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, followed by a serum.  The serum should be applied especially to the tips of the hair as those are the driest parts.  Getting the right hair cut, such as a graduated bob, that allows for some movement of the hair can also help.

The Perfect Do in Snow

Hair can be confused with snow.  Temperatures for snow are cold and dry, yet snow itself is wet.  Brittle and dull hair that is prone to static is usually the result of snowy conditions.  A leave-in conditioner will help with snow whether you have straight or curly hair.  The conditioner softens the shaft and a shine serum can also add to the perfect do.  Braids, buns, hats, and ponytails also work well for this type of weather.

Beautiful Hair in Bitter Cold

Dry, brittle and dull hair is the result of too much exposure to cold temperatures.  Deep conditioners containing coconut, aragon or jojoba oils can help to combat its effects and nourish damaged hair.  Static is also a product of cold.  To help prevent static in hair, keep a dryer sheet handy to rub on the hair when you get fly-aways.

Perfect Hair Beats Steady Heat

Sun can cause dry and damaged hair.  Colored hair can even fade more quickly with constant sun exposure.  No matter what type of hair you have, it will need protection from the heat.  Too much sun exposure can even damage the melanin in the hair and cause it to change color.  To protect the hair in such a heat try these tips:

  • Wear a hat
  • Apply spray sunscreen to hair
  • Wear hair in a bun or a braid

Hair that Stands Up to Coastal Weather

Coasts provide an equal mixture of wind and salt to create a texture in hair that everyone wants to have.  However, this mixture can also make hair very tangled and sticky.  In addition, different coasts can have varying effects on hair due to different temperatures and humidity levels.  No matter what coast you are on, try putting your hair in one or more braids for your beach visit.  This helps decrease the chance of tangles and can potentially help your hair to look better the next day with a crimped look.  You can also try a leave-in conditioner on the ends of your hair to keep them from getting frizzy next time you are on the coast.

Avalon School of Cosmetology to the Rescue

If you need help keeping your hair looking good in all types of weather, Avalon School of Cosmetology can help.   Our students are trained to keep all different hair types looking good in many different kinds of weather conditions.  From heat and humidity to rain and snow, we know the secrets to beautiful hair.  Let us pamper you and enhance the way you look today.   Our specialty is perfect hair styles.

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