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March 13, 2013

The Most Popular Spa Treatments

Spa TreatmentsIn this fast paced busy world we all need a way to relax and take care of ourselves, like spa treatments.  Receiving a service at a spa or salon is a great way to unwind and pamper yourself.  There are many different services you can purchase that will help reduce stress and leave you feeling relaxed and energized.

Massage Services

There are a variety of spa services that can be performed on the entire body.  Massage is one of the most popular services, as it can be performed all over the body or just in specific target areas.  Massage uses lotions or oils to professionally work on tired and achy muscles.  It is beneficial in increasing circulation, and therefore, also in reducing toxins in the body.  Massage is a great service for anyone, especially those tired from workouts or certain medical conditions.

Body Wraps and Scrubs

Body scrubs exfoliate the skin over the whole body.  The process of exfoliation rids the skin of the dead skin cells on the surface layer.  Removing these dead skin cells leaves new skin cells on the surface and makes the skin glow and feel fresh.  Having this treatment done on the whole body not only leaves your skin brighter, but it also increases circulation.  For an exfoliation treatment a scrub that cleanses the skin is used.  The scrub also contains small abrasive material like salt or sugar that removes the dead skin cells.  After this is applied and rinsed off, a moisturizer is applied to the entire body.

Body wraps incorporate the use of an exfoliating scrub and also a mask to help detoxify the skin.  After an exfoliation, a detoxifying mask is applied to the skin.  The mask usually contains mud or algae.  The body is then wrapped tight and you are left to soak in the mask for about 20 minutes.  Then you will receive a shower to remove the detoxifying mask and a moisturizer will be applied.

Other Popular Spa Treatments

Other popular treatments to pamper yourself with at the spa include reflexology and a facial.  Facials help purify and brighten the skin on the face.  They can be helpful for skin that is prone to blemishes.  Reflexology uses areas of the feet, hands and ears to help treat other areas and systems of the body.  Reflexology helps relieves stress.  It can also reduce pain and aid in better sleep.

Spa Treatments at Avalon School of Cosmetology

At Avalon School of Cosmetology, our students learn how to perform quality relaxing spa services.  We adhere to top standards when it comes to providing our clients with the best spa services available.  We also use top quality products to provide our treatments.  If you are interested in receiving a service to pamper your mind, soul and body, call our cosmetology school and let one of our highly trained student professionals pamper you.   For spa treatments, waxing, or hair care services, call Avalon School of Cosmetology today.

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