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March 24, 2013

How to Properly Groom Eyebrows

how to properly groom eyebrowsEyebrows are an essential framer of the face and as such it is important that anyone looking to pluck their eye brows know a thing or two about the basics. Understanding a few easy tips to help make plucking worlds easier can make all the difference when it comes to the finished product. Plucking your eyebrows does not have to be difficult with these tips.

Follow Your Natural Shape

The natural shape of your eyebrow is there for a reason. Though changing the shape of an eyebrow is not uncommon, it is frowned upon. It is important that people work with their natural shape rather than against it as plucking becomes much easier when the natural arch is used. Working with the natural shape of your brows is the best way to frame your face and look very well kempt as opposed to overdone. Using the natural line of the brow is also a great way to experiment with plucking without worrying about going overboard. By using the natural line you can prevent any irreversible damage that may be done to the brows as a whole.

Take Time to Plan

There is nothing worse than simply jumping in without planning your new brows. Though it is not always necessary to re-plot brows each time you pluck, during the first plucking it is always advised. Taking the time to figure out what shape you want can make tons of difference in how easy it is to pluck and how the finished result turns out. Using something like a brow pencil to create markers for your natural brow shape is a great way to really make a plan that is simple and easy to stick to. Using a soft pencil that can be wiped away should you change your mind is a fantastic way to start any successful eyebrow plotting.

Plucking Itself

This is the hard part. Figuring out your natural brow shape and getting brows planned is nothing compared to the actual plucking process; this step is a bit intimidating and may take several tries. First, after plotting the shape of the brow, you should start by removing stray brows that fall outside of the plot lines. By doing this you can help reduce the likelihood of plucking brows that should stay in place. Second, make sure the tweezers you are using are sharp and have either a squared off end or a pointed end so that you can grab hold of small and pesky hairs. Next, grab one hair at a time and clamp down hard at the base of the brow hair. After you have clamped down pull in a quick, outward motion to remove the hair quickly and easily. It may hurt but the quicker you pull the less pain you feel. If you would like to kick start your career in this field, then we at Avalon Beauty School can help you. We offer a makeup artistry course that will equip you with skills required to flourish in the beauty industry.

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