March 3, 2013

How To Become A Successful Celebrity Makeup Artist

Celebrity Makeup Artist

If your passion in life is helping people look their very best, pursuing a career as a Celebrity Makeup Artist can seem like the golden ticket.  It is, however, much easier said than done, especially for most people who have no idea how to get started in the industry.  While getting work done with celebrities is, like many other parts of life, as much about luck as it is skill, there are ways to ensure that you have the necessary tools in order to take advantages of any breaks that come your way.  What path do you have to take?

How to Become a Successful Celebrity Makeup Artist

Cosmetology is the educational track needed to be taken in order to become any type of makeup professional, whether you work with celebrities or not.  The good news is that it is not necessary to go to college for a full four years in order to learn the trades of a cosmetologist.  In fact, it is possible to get a an education relatively quickly, in two years or less, in order to become fully able to meet any demand as a professional beautician.

Cosmetology schools are all across the country.  Some are better known than others and will look better on a resume, such as the Regency Beauty Institute or Elite Academy of Beauty Arts.  Put together a strong application towards one of the best schools, but also have a plan B in case you find yourself unable to get in.

Makeup Artistry Course

The classes that you will take as you train to be a cosmetologist can cover a wide variety of different fields.  You will learn everything there is to know about makeup, ranging from the major companies that produce the big brands to how to enhance certain areas of the face while diminishing others.  Students will train on how to style hair, nails, skin, and teeth in order to present a radiant appearance.

Considering that a TV or movie star may have to sit through an hour of makeup each day, you will need to know your stuff backwards and forwards in order to become hired in the industry.  Once you graduate, it is necessary to become licensed in most states to pursue the craft of cosmetology.  The school will prepare you for this step, however, so do not lose sleep over it.  You can get information on beauty careers as well as general makeup tips here.

The First Day Of The Job

Unless you have very good connections, it is unlikely you will be hired by a celebrity or a film studio as soon as you graduate.  By aggressively networking and marketing yourself, however, you give your resume the shot in the arm needed to take your career to the next level.  Treat your first job as if it was your career so that you gain the respect of both customers and managers, both of whom will give you recommendations and approval for the next step up.  As you work, try to do as many different functions as you are able to.  Sell yourself as an expert in every aspect from hair to toenail polish so that there are no flaws in your approach.  If you find that there is one particular thing that you excel at, make sure that everyone knows about it and put it first and foremost on any job application.

Put Together Your Best Work

A makeup artist, like any other artist, should have a portfolio of their best works in order to show prospective clients and employers alike.  Once you have finished makeup or hair jobs that you are particularly proud of, ask permission to take a snapshot and add it to a digital or physical portfolio.  You should choose a large number of styles and patterns in this portfolio to better display your versatility.

Let your own efforts stand out so that any person looking to hire a cosmetologist will be impressed by your sense of style.  Some courses offer instruction in how to put together this professional collection of work.  If your school does not have one, try to find instruction after you graduate so that you do not make any mistakes or overlook any possible angles on your quest to become a Celebrity Makeup Artist.

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