April 7, 2013

How To Become a Beauty School Instructor

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The great thing about having a career in the world of beauty is that you can make your path specific to your goals! Many people who enter the world of beauty love their careers working behind the chair, managing their salons, working with celebrities, and more. But we shouldn’t overlook the profession that helped get these passionate people to where they are today; their beauty school instructors!

If you not only have a passion for beauty but a desire to help other people with that same passion, then becoming a beauty school instructor could be the perfect profession for you. Discover more about the steps you can take to start on a path towards teaching your craft!

How To Become a Beauty School Instructor

The first step in your journey towards working as a lecturer at a beauty school must start with training. You’ll first need to have a current license to practice cosmetology or esthetics. In addition, you must have several years of experience working in the beauty industry.

At Avalon School of Cosmetology, we offer our student instructor program at our Layton, Phoenix, and Mesa campuses.

Here are some more details of the steps you can take to pursue your dreams of teaching cosmetology or esthetics!

1. Have a Current License in Utah or Arizona

The first step towards your dream is to have a current license to practice cosmetology or esthetics in the state you live in. If you are not currently licensed and want to learn more about starting your journey towards the world of beauty you’ll need to attend a beauty school of your choice to receive training. Check out our ultimate guide to cosmetology school to get you started on the right path!

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2. Gain Experience

The next step after you are licensed to practice cosmetology or esthetics is to gain experience in your craft! Being able to learn and experience the real world of beauty will bring a useful and important perspective to best help your students.

3. Receive Training

Even though your work experience can help you with your future profession in teaching, you’ll still need to become licensed to become an educator in your state. You can learn important and valuable skills to help your students succeed when you begin teaching them! Here are a few of the things you can learn in a student instructor program:

  • Techniques to motivate and encourage students
  • Supervising and instructing students in the clinic
  • Lesson plan and curriculum development
  • Classroom management
  • How to assess student learning and progress
  • Presentation and teaching techniques
  • Development and use of testing techniques
  • Proper state sanitation and disinfecting guidelines

4. Obtain Your License

To qualify as an instructor, you must accrue at least 600 hours of training and sit for your state board exams to qualify to become licensed. Getting your license is something any future educator needs before being able to start teaching. Take note that licensure requirements vary from state to state.

If you have questions about what your next steps may be and if you can apply for our student instructor program, call our admissions office and they can answer your additional questions!

5. Continue Your Education

Now that you’re certified, you can start helping others fulfill their dreams of beauty school! But make sure that you keep your license and your knowledge up-to-date with the current trends and developments in the beauty industry!

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Fortunately, you would be able to do this by signing up for continuing education programs. Continuing education helps you refresh your mind on practices you may have forgotten and help you learn new things to further your career.

For example, the use of lasers has become quite popular and common when it comes to treating skin blemishes such as acne or stimulating collagen growth. A good grasp of the latest research and scientific studies can help you to share your knowledge with your future students.

Reasons to Become a Beauty School Educator

There are plenty of reasons why becoming a beauty school instructor could be the perfect path for you! Here are some great things about becoming an educator!

You can:

  • Work with people passionate about beauty
  • Make an impact in the lives of your students
  • Work in a variety of professions such as becoming an educator, salon owner, director of education, state board examiner, and more

Get Started Toward a Fulfilling Career!

The beauty industry offers many exciting career opportunities. At Avalon School of Cosmetology we can help you achieve your dream of working as a beauty school instructor by taking you through comprehensive training and licensure preparation.

Get in touch with us and we can help lead you through the process of educating in the world of beauty!

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