April 5, 2013

How Much Does it Cost to go to Beauty College?

A common question asked by prospective students is, “How much does it cost to go to beauty college?” Tuition is a primary factor utilized during the selection process for cosmetology programs. Most aspiring students often wager which school meets their needs based upon this factor and more.

Tuition pricing is typically available through the school’s website as a listing within the pricing section. Some colleges do require individuals hoping to attend to complete forms to receive this information. These pricing charts include what aspects of the program are covered and provide information regarding financial aid for students who qualify.

What is included in the Cost of Beauty College?

The cost of beauty college or cosmetology programs covers the following:

  • Tuition to attend the program
  • Books (varies)
  • Supplies used in class (varies)

Online college programs charge the cost of books to the student’s financial-aid account. These books, however, are issued via an e-book format. Students who wish to have actual textbooks purchase them through suppliers in their local area or through online vendors. You should consult your information package from your preferred school to determine whether books are included in these costs.

Supplies that are covered within tuition vary based upon the school you attend. Schools with low funding ask students to purchase their own supplies. Any additional or individually requisite supplies utilized in beauty school are often a required purchase by the student and not included in tuition.

Online Beauty Programs

Online beauty programs are more expensive, although they are more convenient and allow for better time management. As a general rule these programs are often considered private schools. However, once you factor in the cost of gas and car maintenance costs over the course of attending the program the overall costs between these two options averages out.

Campus beauty school programs vary based on the selected college itself. Cosmetology is generally a two-year program that is available through community colleges. These schools require lower tuition costs than most four-year colleges. Your best bet for considering which school is better is to evaluate the courses available through each program. These program courses determine what you are prepared for in a real-world setting, and if you intend to specialize in a specific industry within this field the courses affect your career more than costs.


In conclusion, you should evaluate these costs based on what is best for your upcoming career. Request information from your preferred college so that you receive a price list and evaluate what these prices cover. Determine which programs are best for your career based upon the training they provide.

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