April 29, 2013

An Intro to Hair Extensions

Hair extensions let you change your current hair style immediately to longer, fuller tresses.  In just hours, you can go from short hair to beautiful long hair that looks and feels just like your natural hair.

Attaching Hair Extensions

Extensions are attached to your own hair in a number of ways.  They can be braided, heat sealed, clipped in your hair, bonded, sewn or fused with your own hair.  Which method you choose depends on your hair and the hair your use for the extensions.

Synthetic or Real Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair is considerably cheaper than real hair, but it has some definite drawbacks.  Synthetic hair does not look as natural as real hair.  You can not blow dry or heat style synthetic hair.  Real hair can be flat ironed or curled with a curling iron, and you can wash real hair without it losing its look or color.

Price of Hair Extensions

Extensions can be expensive, and several factors influence their price.  A stylist will have special training to apply extensions, so expect to pay more for her time.

Real hair is more expensive than synthetic hair, but you can wash and style it.  Real hair also looks more natural than synthetic hair. The method your stylist uses to attach the extension to your hair also dictates the price.  Depending on your hair type and texture, the stylist may be limited in the application methods.

Price also varies by location.  Expect to spend a little more in a big city.  But the stylists there probably have more experience, which may be worth the extra cost.  The price can vary greatly in the same city, so call around for prices.

Why People Get Hair Extensions

  • To add instant volume, thickness and length to their own hair.  Some women have always yearned for thicker or longer hair, but they aren’t able to achieve it themselves.
  • Extensions are a great way to cover a bad haircut.
  • Extensions let you add dimension to your hair without using hair dyes or chemicals.
  • They are fun!  You can get a totally new look in just a few hours.
  • Many women like to get extensions before a wedding or prom for a different look than their everyday look.

Extensions are a fun and easy way to get almost instant longer and thicker hair.  You can also add highlights and lowlights to your hair without damaging your natural hair with chemicals and bleaches.  Before you get extensions, research the salon and ask about the methods they use and the price.  Qualified stylists should be familiar with different ways to apply hair extensions, and they can recommend the best method based on your hair length and texture and the type of extension you choose. We at Avalon beauty school offer affordable salon services. If you would like us get you the hair extensions that you have always dreamt about, contact us today.

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