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April 21, 2013

Job Opportunities for Cosmetology School Graduates

A cosmetology school graduate has many options once they finish their course.  Graduates can opt to work for a company or be self-employed.  Job seekers will need to look for opportunities that match their skill set, qualifications and future goals.

What Can a Cosmetology School Graduate Expect in the Workforce?

Unlike other industries, the beauty business is stable and growing.  Beauty school graduates will find numerous job openings.  Most job seekers will be able to find roles with flexible hours.  Some of the jobs available to graduates are listed below.

  • Beauty school instructor.  This role involves teaching students the skills needed to become qualified beauticians, make-up artists, barbers and hair stylists.
  • Cruise or resort stylist.  Those who want to travel can work on a cruise ship or at a luxury resort.  As these facilities only have a few staff members on hand, employees will be expected to work long hours.  Job applicants should also be prepared to be away from home for long periods of time.
  • Personal stylist.  Many celebrities and wealthy people hire stylists to work with them on a regular basis.  Beauticians in these roles are often well-paid and enjoy numerous perks such as world travel.
  • Management jobs in cosmetics industry.  After beauticians have been in the industry awhile, they may grow tired of being on their feet all day.  People in this situation often move up the corporate ladder.  Management positions may require graduates to undergo further training
  • Salon owner.  Graduates can opt to start their own salon.  Salon owners can set their own hours and control the products and services the business sells.
  • Nursing home stylists.  Many nursing homes hire stylists to work with their patients.  Elderly people are often unable to do their own hair and make-up.  Having somebody in to look after them lifts their spirits.  Retirement homes sometimes have a permanent beautician on site or they may hire a freelancer every now and then.
  • Funeral home stylist.  Stylists who work in funeral homes prepare corpses for their funeral.  This involves doing their make-up.  Although this can be rewarding work, it is not suitable for everybody.  Beauticians in this role need to be comfortable around corpses.

How Cosmetology School Graduates Can Get Work

The best way to get a cosmetology job is to contact companies directly and ask if there are any vacancies.  Most beauty jobs are not advertised as they are filled by word of mouth applications.  As there are countless beauty vacancies in the US, a cosmetology school graduate should be able to find a job within a month.

If you are interested in attending cosmetology school please feel free to contact us.  Our staff will be able to give you information on our courses and potential career opportunities.

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