April 27, 2013

Permanent Hair Straightening Options That Work

Permanent hair straighteningPermanent hair straightening is the solution for unkempt locks. Every woman wants to look her best at all times. Thus, she will do anything in her power to look attractive and beautiful. One important aspect that women are keen on is their hair, which is their crowning glory.

However, only a few are blessed with smooth, supple and lustrous locks. This means that the average woman has to undergo quite a few challenges to keep her hair in great shape each day. Due to their naturally wavy, unruly or frizzy hair, many resort to hair straightening procedures. There are many techniques that can be used to straighten out even the most unmanageable hair. Unfortunately, some are either chock-full of side effects or are way beyond the average female’s budget.

What Happens During A Permanent Hair Straightening Procedure?

This process will involve a breakdown of the protein molecules of each strand due to the alkaline chemicals used. This will cause the hair to lose both strength and elasticity. While many products are available to achieve the straightening effect, it is important to consider which ones are safe and effective as well. It is also very best if one were to take time to read the instructions and understand how the procedure is performed, so as to achieve the optimal results and to prevent hair damage. It would be beneficial to read product reviews done by actual customers before investing in a straightening treatment.

Thermal Reconditioning: A Permanent Hair Straightening Procedure

Please note that new advancements in technology have given way to products, which break down protein bonds and deliver results that will last for a longer period of time. Thermal reconditioning makes use of protein-breaking chemicals to relax the strands. These are left on for a set duration of time. A blow dryer is used to heat the hair, thus, the term “thermal.” Doing so will make it adopt a straight shape. Once that is achieved, the neutralizing chemicals are applied to the strands to ensure that they maintain the new shape.

When this procedure is done right, the result will always be a smoother and silkier mane. People with mixed-race hair types will benefit best from this innovative technique. Please remember that after the procedure, you may find it hard to curl your hair, owing to the effective use of chemicals. Therefore, it is important to ask a professional to help you evaluate your hair beforehand.

If you are tired of your unruly hair, let the experts at Avalon School of Cosmetology help you find a treatment that is  right for your hair type. We offer different types of permanent hair straightening solutions to suit your styling needs.

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