April 1, 2013

Requirements for Foreign Students who wish to Attend US Beauty Schools

There are nearly one million foreign students in the United States pursuing degrees in various fields including health and beauty. This can be attributed to the fact that the best schools on the planet are located right here.  There are several steps that a non-American needs to take before they travel over and enroll in a US school.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

It may go without saying for some, but others may not realize that almost every American beauty education program is exclusively taught in the English language.  For some foreign students who live in nations like Canada or the United Kingdom, this may not be a concern.  For others, however, it may be a big obstacle.  Students need to pass a language exam known as the TOEFL in order to be admitted into any institution.  Those who do not have good language skills, furthermore, are less likely to find good employment.

Student Visa Requirement

Any person who comes into the United States for any period of time needs a passport in order to be admitted.  A student with an expired or inaccurate passport will be denied entry.  Furthermore, anyone hoping to learn the tools of the beauty trade will need a student visa in order to be approved for long-term stay in the country.  Student visas are not easy to obtain and must be applied for at least one year in advance, with proof of entrance into a school’s program as well as an explanation of why a foreigner would be competent in the area of study.  Whether you are a foreigner or a native, you can get more advice and tips about attending health and beauty schools with Avalon’s training service.

All Foreign Students Need To Prove Competency

No health and beauty school admits just any student from off of the street.  Every citizen of another country that has a standardized education program will need to provide proof that they have graduated from the American equivalent of high school.  This secondary school education can encompass different subjects but should prepare any student to be able to fluently read and write as well as take notes and understand complex concepts.

Funding For School

Though not a necessity, it is possible for foreigners to apply for financial aid for beauty schools.  Some schools make scholarships for incoming students from other nations, while federal loans are available for all students of all nationalities.  Foreign students who need a source of funding for their studies in the beauty industry can get an international student loan provided they meet the requirements.

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