April 9, 2013

How Old do You Have to be to Start Beauty School?

Starting beauty school can be the first step on the path towards securing a rewarding long-term career, one in which professionals may work in an industry and practice a trade that they love. Like most professions, considerable education and training are required prior to beginning such a career, and beauty schools are poised to offer high-quality educations and career guidance to students of all ages. A common question asked by prospective students is how old do you have to be to start beauty school?

How old do you Have to be to Start Beauty School

Adults, typically individuals over the age of 18 years old, tend to find that most schools, universities, colleges and technical education centers will accept them as students provided they meet any other requirements that may be necessary. Adulthood in the United States is considered to begin at the age of 18, even though certain rights are curtailed until later ages are reached.

Students Below The Age Of 18

Many students still in high school, having earned general education diplomas or having dropped out of secondary public education altogether choose to pursue educational opportunities at technical and career education centers such as beauty schools. Barriers to enrollment and attendance may exist, though, and younger learners would be well advised to spend considerable time and effort learning about potential barriers to furthering their education.

State Requirements

Different states may have different age requirements for students interested in enrolling in beauty and other career education courses. Some states may require that prospective students are over the age of 18 before applying to attend, whereas others may have more lenient guidelines regarding student age. It is always best to seek out resources to offer guidance when making career and educational decisions, and attending beauty school is no exception. Motivated learners below the age of 18 often have a wealth of resources available to them to offer guidance if they choose to avail themselves of them.

A great resource for high school students, and one that is very often overlooked, is that of the high school guidance counselor. Guidance counselors work to educate students about educational and career opportunities both after and during the high school years, and can very often provide students with a great deal of information and resources regarding the career and educational paths that they find interesting or lucrative. Guidance counselors are quite aware of the requirements and course work involved in attending beauty school, and can offer a great deal of information about career opportunities and the employment outlook for interested learners. If you would like to learn more about beauty courses, contact us at Avalon school of cosmetology and we will be more than willing to answer all your questions.

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