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April 26, 2013

The Most Unlucky Haircuts: 3 Ways to Avoid Them

A messed up hairdo isn’t the end of the world, but it can be a downer — especially since hair grows so slowly. One bad cut and your hair could look kind of funky for a month or even more. Don’t want a bad haircut? It shouldn’t be too much to ask, if you follow some basic rules.

Here are the 3 golden rules for avoiding a bad haircut:

  1. Don’t give yourself a haircut.
  2. Don’t let an amateur give you a haircut. Leave it to a professional.
  3. Communicate what you want with your barber or hair stylist.

1. Don’t give yourself a haircut

If you’ve never use hair clippers before, don’t expect to be able to use them like a professional. Also, don’t leave children alone with dangerous hair cutting equipment!

Kids left alone to cut their own hair

Even if you think you know what you’re doing — you probably don’t. There’s a good reason that most professional hair stylists don’t cut their own hair: it’s really hard! You can’t see the back of your head, and you can barely reach with your arms.

The Illusion “totally farms” his bowl cut

2. Don’t let an amateur give you a haircut. Leave it to a professional.

You think you can trust someone to cut your hair for you? Did they tell you that they know what they are doing? Can you trust them? Most of the time, the answer should be no. People are too optimistic about their ability to cut hair well, but there are barber schools for a reason.

Cutting hair is not easy, and if you care about your hairstyle, you should leave it to a pro.

The accidental buzz-cut

3. Communicate what you want with your barber or hair stylist

Just because you go to a professional barber doesn’t mean they can read your mind. If you want a specific style, you have to make sure you explain exactly what you want. If you’ve done all you can to explain the style you want, then it is the responsibility of the stylist to make sure that they are on the same page.

Short rockstar bangs gone wrong


Also, if you tell the barber or stylist that they can do “whatever”, don’t be surprised if they experiment a little bit and you don’t like the outcome. If you don’t want “whatever”, don’t ask for it!

The experimental barber


As you can see, these three golden rules of good haircuts are essential if you don’t want your haircut “totally farmed”. Nevertheless, if your haircut is not up to your expectations, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world!

Check out these great tips for dealing with a bad haircut.

How to Fix a Bad Haircut


Our Top Tips for a Bad Haircut

  1. Don’t keep cutting! If something is wrong, say something before your hair keeps getting shorter.
  2. If your cut wasn’t done by a stylist, visit one immediately. They may be able to fix the problem.
  3. Express your displeasure with the cut. The stylist may fix it or at least offer a discount.
  4. If you think a different stylist could do a better job, try going somewhere else.
  5. If you can, cover the bad cut with a hat.
  6. Wash your hair, then experiment with styling it yourself using different products. A curling iron can improve your hair’s body and add interest. If your hair is already curly, use a flat iron to lengthen your hair.
  7. Use accessories to change the look of your haircut. A pair of dramatic earrings or a gorgeous necklace may help people focus more on your jewelry than the look of your hair.
  8. If you need to, try hair pieces. There are many types you can use to fill out your hair and enjoy different styles while you wait for a bad haircut to grow out. You can use them to add length or even create a whole new hairstyle, such as a fancy ponytail.


There’s not much to getting a good haircut, but if you ignore these three golden rules, you might regret it. If you’re looking for hair styling that is sure to impress, please check out Avalon’s excellent Salon Services. If you’re interested in learning what it takes to be hair stylist, Avalon Cosmetology school can teach you what you need to know!

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