May 12, 2013

5 Natural Products that Keep you Beautiful

No matter how you look at it, natural beauty products are most definitely the way to go. Why punish and pollute your skin with harmful chemicals if you can pursue that youthful glow without poisoning yourself? It seems fairly logical that any health and beauty conscious person will be more than willing to try an all-natural route to keeping their body and skin looking and feeling gorgeous.

5 Natural Beauty Products

There are very many natural beauty products, however, some products are better than others. Listed below are some of the best natural beauty products.

Lavanila: The Healthy Deodorant

Most of us use deodorants. There is almost no way that you can survive a stressful day ‘au naturelle’ without getting a little whiffy. Unfortunately, most of the deodorants on the market rely on harsh chemicals in order to provide their perfume-like scents. Lavanila’s The Healthy Deodorant uses essential oils and plant-based beta-glucan instead. The result is a bouquet of heavenly scents that are irresistible.

Smith Farms: Marshmallow Face Cream

Marshmallows on your face? Yes please! Smith Farms has developed a Marshmallow Face Cream that offers the right amount of moisturization without causing your skin to feel oily. This light cream is made from mallow-root extract, rice-bran oil and orange-blossom water. Completely natural with a light and comforting scent, this Marshmallow Face Cream is an absolute must for any person wishing to retain their youthful glow.

JR Watkins: Lemon Hand & Body Lotion

Lemon is probably one of the most refreshing scents we know. It conjures up images of Spring, sun and a sense of rejuvenation. JR Watkins has created a Lemon Hand & Body Lotion that keeps skin feeling soft and supple — so you can enjoy gloriously smooth skin during the dreary winter months too. A careful combination of 10 natural oils makes this lotion the perfect solution for an all-natural moisture burst.

Bohemian Waves Argan Hair Mist

Nothing is quite as frustrating as dull, dry hair that refuses to cooperate. Josie Maran has come up with the perfect solution: Bohemian Waves Argan Hair Mist. The Himalayan pink sea salt in this concoction is designed to give your hair that extra boost it needs to get out of its dull funk.

Balanced Hydrating-Clarifying Shampoo

Finding the perfect shampoo can be a bit of a bother. Not only are they made from a boiling pot of chemical ingredients that the average human being cannot hope to identify, but they also seem to be capable of doing only one job at a time. They either offer conditioning or deep cleansing properties — never at the same time. Giovanni has created a citrus-scented masterpiece that offers both hydrating and clarifying properties all in one go.

Avalon Beauty School Advocates the Use of Natural Products

While many cosmetology institutes use a wide variety of chemical concoctions, Avalon School of Cosmetology promotes the use of natural lotions, potions and cosmetics. Natural beauty products are the logical way to take care of one’s body.


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