May 8, 2013

Do you Know Why You Need Arizona Nail Tech License?

The state of Arizona requires anyone  who works on nails to carry a valid Arizona nail tech license.  Licensing is important to professionals and consumers in many different fields for several different reasons, and the cosmetology field is no exception.  According to the state, a nail technician is someone who cuts, trims, colors, or polishes nails, or someone who applies artificial nails or massages a person’s arms, hands, legs and feet.   It may seem trivial, but carrying a valid nail tech license in Arizona is extremely important for those working on their client’s nails.

The Importance of an Arizona Nail Tech License

Being licensed as a nail technician in the state of Arizona will bring more credibility and professionalism to your career.  Many potential clients will research salons and nail technicians before requesting services and will only use those who are licensed.  When you carry a license to practice as a nail technician you are showing your employer, current clients, and potential clients that you take your career seriously.  Having a nail tech license also shows that you have met the state standards and have the knowledge and expertise to practice in your field.

An Arizona Nail Tech License is a Legal Requirement

To practice as a nail technician in the state of Arizona you are legally required to hold a license.  This is so the state can be sure you have graduated from an accredited nail technology school and that you have  taken and passed the test, which proves that you have the skills and knowledge to practice in the field.  It also ensures that the state can regulate complaints and disciplinary action against you if the need should ever arise.

Licensing as a nail technologist is important whether you work in the field or are a consumer.  Arizona requires that nail technicians be licensed with the State Board of Cosmetology in order to help standardize the profession and hold professionals accountable.  As a consumer, you should be sure that the technician you receive services from is licensed, and as a professional you should be sure to carry an up to date Arizona nail tech license at all times.


At Avalon Institute we train our nail technician students to be the best in the business.  Our instructors have more years of experience than any in the industry.  Our students are held to high standards and emphasis is placed on hands-on learning in our beauty salon. Once you complete your coursework, we can help you get an Arizona nail tech license. 


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