May 7, 2013

Beauty School Accreditation: Agencies That Accredit Beauty Schools

Accreditation is a form of recognition given by a governing body indicating that a college is certified to offer certain courses. A school becomes accredited after meeting certain standards set forth by an independent agency.

Beauty School Accreditation Agencies in America

The need to produce professionals who can meet the professional and customer demands has led to the development of accreditation boards all over the world. In America, there are numerous independent agencies approved by the American Department of Education. A beauty school accreditation body is supposed to be impartial and independent.

The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS)

The NACCAS is an independent accreditation commission that has been around since 1969. Since its inception, NACCAS has been recognized by the U.S Department of Education as a commission charged with the duty of accrediting postsecondary colleges and schools offering cosmetology courses in the U.S.  Besides cosmetology schools, other schools offering specialty and technical programs can seek accreditation. The recent statistics show that so far the NACCAS has accreted about 1,500 schools.

So, what exactly does an accredited school offer? An accredited school offers students taking a specialty course with skills for an all round professional. Remember that the curriculum offered by an accredited school has been approved as able to provide practical skills to prospective professionals in the field. Studying in an accredited school means that you learn through theory and hands-on training.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)

The SACS is one of the leading accreditation bodies that are approved by the United States Department of Education. There are about 13,000 public and private schools and colleges that SACS has accredited. Most of the schools that the body has accredited come from the Southern United States.

The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC)

The ACCSC is a private, independent and non-profit organization that accredits postsecondary institutions. Established in 1965, the ACCSC is recognized by the U.S Department of Education an independent accreditation organization. The main office for ACCSC sits in Arlington, Virginia. The organization boasts of being recognized as agency accrediting schools and colleges offering non-degree and bachelor’s and master’s courses that prepare students for technical careers, occupational careers and trade. In addition, the organization accredits all institutions offering courses via distance learning. By the end of 2010, this body has accredited over 789 colleges and schools.

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