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May 23, 2013

What you Need to Know About Cosmetology Scholarships for High School Seniors in Arizona

There are countless people looking for a career in the beauty industry, but many cannot afford to pay for the coursework, making it imperative to find cosmetology scholarships for high school seniors in Arizona.  Although the work placement rates are quite high for cosmetology graduates, with nearly one million jobs available on the market and a rate of growth that is better than the average, the coursework can be expensive, especially for a renowned beauty school.  The good news is that there are a number of beauty school scholarships available.

Some Companies Offer Scholarships for Beauty School Students

Any high school senior in Arizona hoping to go to a health and beauty school should consider first what company they would like to work for upon graduation.  If they would like to work at a private salon, for example, they may look for one that is large enough to offer a work-placement program with a scholarship.  Many companies, such as skin-care and cosmetic corporations, offer a type of scholarship to high school students who are interested in pursuing not only education as a cosmetologist, but also a future position with the company.  In order to get this scholarship, however, students must prove their abilities in high school by earning a high GPA (usually 3.2 or higher) or by spending time in a leadership position.

The National Association

Just like many other careers have large organizations that deal with standards and jobs, so too do cosmetologists get to take advantage of a national association that deals with the industry.  The NCA, or National Cosmetology Association, will not only provide resources for a cosmetologist to find employment, but an offer a scholarship for a high school senior in Arizona hoping to go to a beauty school.  If you are looking for help for a scholarship for health and beauty, you can use our services to get more information about a career in cosmetology.


Many times the best way to find a scholarship is to look for a foundation that annually gives away money to students.  These foundations start out with a large sum of money and used the interest that the money accrues each year in order to provide funding for whatever topic they advocate.  There are many different foundations that offer Cosmetology scholarships across Arizona; the Fred Luster Foundation offers a total of three thousand dollars for the students who fill out the paperwork.  Likewise, the Joe Francis Haircare program gives a thousand dollars annually to students who are looking to enter into a cosmetology or barber college.  Some scholarships are larger than others, so any student should apply to several different ones in order to ensure that they can afford education.

Avalon beauty school  financial aid staff have helped many of our students develop a financial aid plan no matter their circumstances*. Many of our students have their tuition completely covered through federal loans and grants. Contact us for more details.

*Note: financial aid is available to those who qualify.

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