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May 17, 2013

Cosmetology School Written Exam Required For Most Students

State licensing requirements for cosmetologists vary from state to state, but a high school diploma and formal training in cosmetology are prerequisites. Many states also require a cosmetology school written exam to make sure you learned the required knowledge in school. This is important, because the cosmetology industry relies on using chemicals and techniques properly. Misuse can cause physical injuries and can also cause legal trouble for the salon and the cosmetologist.

Licensing Requirements

In cosmetology school, students spend hundreds of hours getting the required training, practicing new skills and learning how to work with clients. Most states have a minimum number of hours of instruction that must be obtained before practical and written exams are given to receive licensing.

While cosmetology school coursework is typically designed to help students pass these tests, it is also important for students to prepare for the tests outside of just learning skills in the classroom. Knowing what will be tested and what knowledge and categories are included on the exam will help you do well on the test.

Content of the Cosmetology School Written Exam

While the exact content of the cosmetology school written exam varies from state to state and even school to school, written tests generally ask questions about certain topics. These topics include anatomy and physiology, chemistry, hair cutting, hair styling, hair coloring and texturing, nails, skin care techniques and trichology. These topics should match with the coursework you study in cosmetology school, if your school is well-equipped to help its students pass the exam.

The type of questions asked on the exam also vary from state to state. Your school will most likely give you resources and example tests so that you can study the question types before the exam. Typically, they are multiple choice, but they can also be fill in the blank, matching or other types.

Testing fee

There is usually a testing fee for cosmetology exams, making it even more important to pass the test the first time. Repeat tests can quickly become expensive, in addition to delaying your graduation and beginning work.

Even after the exam has been passed, most cosmetologists are not done with their education. Training is a lifelong pursuit in the field, and many newly licensed beauticians take jobs in salons where they become apprentices to more experienced stylists. They wash hair, blow-dry and do simple hair styling while learning more complex techniques from their mentors. This allows them to seek help if they are unsure of how to perform a task.

For more information on beginning your career as a cosmetologist in Arizona or Utah, contact us at the Avalon School of Cosmetology today. Avalon offers programs in cosmetology, esthetics, advanced beauty, becoming a beauty school instructor and business training for cosmetologists.

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