May 31, 2013

How to Cut Layers in Hair


Layering your hair can give it style and body and everyone can learn how to cut layers in hair. Some of the modern layered bob hairstyles are certainly very attractive. It is possible to cut layers into long or short hair but it takes a certain amount of skill and patience to layer cut hair.

Cutting Layers In Hair

The layered look works well on curly or straight hair and this hairstyle flatters almost every face shape. If you would love to learn how to layer your hair then read on.

Preparing Your Hair for a Layer Cut

  • Purchase a sharp pair of professional grade scissors.
  • Cut your hair in a room that is well lit. The bathroom has hot water, a sink and a mirror hence it makes the perfect hair salon
  • Ensure that you have a plentiful supply of hairpins and a clean comb.
  • Shampoo your hair and towel dry it
  • Comb your hair until it is free from tangles

Cutting Your Hair Layer By Layer

  • Sit in front of the mirror and cut your hair to the same length all of the way around
  • Use the comb to separate your hair into three even sections. These sections will run around the head.
  • Form the top section from the hair that lies above your temples and pin it up using the hair clips.
  • Take the comb and create a middle section of hair. The layer should run in line with the middle of your ear. Use hair clips to pin up the middle layer
  • The bottom section of hair will be your longest layer. This section has already been cut to the desired length so it needs no further cutting.
  • Concentrate on cutting the middle layer of hair. Take a hairpin out and let one section down at a time. Comb the hair and let it splay out between your fingers. Cut the hair one inch shorter than the bottom layer. Remove the hairpins one at a time and repeat the process. Work around the head cutting one inch from the middle layer of hair.
  • The top layer of hair will be cut in the same way as the middle layer.
  • Bear in mind that the layer that lies next to your neck will be the longest. The middle layer will be cut one inch shorter and the top layer one inch shorter than the middle layer.

How Avalon School of Cosmetology Can Help

If you long to learn how to cut layers into your own hair then you could learn hairdressing skills at a cosmetology school such Avalon School of Cosmetology. We have helped thousands of people to have a satisfying career in the health and beauty industry. As I’ve found out, life is rich if you are prepared to learn new skills. Contact Avalon for further information.

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