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May 13, 2013

The Duties of a Hair Styling Professional

Hair styling professionals have various tasks and duties to their clients, and they are called by many names as well. Hairstylists, hairdressers, barbers, and cosmetologists are some of the names they known for. They cut, color, wash, dry hair and provide other beauty services to make people look good. Many of these professionals work at salons and beauty shops, and are usually hired on special occasions like weddings, birthday celebrations, company events, and the like.

Duties of a Hair Styling Professional

Cosmetologists, hairdressers and barbers provide hairstyle options to clients. They inspect the face, scalp and hair to determine which treatments to recommend. They also wash, condition, or color hair depending on the needs of the customers, and of course, they cut and style hair.

In addition to the above tasks, they also receive payments from customers, especially if they run their own business, or if they work for a salon, the cashier does that for them. They are also responsible for cleaning and sanitizing all their hairstyling tools and work areas.

The main duty of these professionals is to ensure that they provide the best beauty services to their customers, and that is to enhance customers’ appearance and make them look great on any occasion, as well as to make them feel good about how they look.

Stylists who own their own shops or salons also have other duties to perform. They hire other professionals to work for them, supervise the work force, keep the records in order, market the business, attract more clients, and in some occasions, fire workers who are not providing good services to clients.

Examples of Hair Styling Professionals

Common examples of hairstyling professionals include barbers, hair stylists, and many more.


These professionals are responsible for cutting, trimming, and styling hair, but usually for male customers. They may also offer other services like shaving, fitting hairpieces, as well as bleaching, coloring and highlighting hair. Some of the common tools that barbers have include scissors, combs, and clippers.

Hair Dressers Stylists

These professionals offer a variety of services including cutting, styling, coloring and shampooing. Unlike barbers, they tend to both male and female customers. They also offer hairstyling advice for customers and provide tips on how they can take care of their own hair while at home.


Cosmetologists are professionals who provide makeup analysis, scalp treatments and facial treatments. They may also offer services to style hairpieces and wigs. Some of them today are entrepreneurs who sell various skin care products.

Hairstylist Training

To become professional hairstylists, you need to get proper training and education like what we provide here at Avalon. The right kind of training and education is essential to becoming an effective hairstylist. We have several types of programs designed to help people become successful hair styling professionals.

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