May 5, 2013

How to Engage Your Students as a Beauty School Instructor

As a beauty school instructor, you have to equip your students with all the basic skills and knowledge pertaining to their area of study. The cosmetology field consists of makeup artists, hairstylists, nail care technicians and other beauty related professionals. To become a qualified cosmetologist, a student has to go through a certain amount of training that is set by the Board of Cosmetology.

Cosmetology is more of a practical profession, since it involves offering direct service to clients. However, the course involves both theory and practical lessons. Therefore, it is important for the students to participate fully, both in class and on the field.

Obligations of a Beauty School Instructor

As a beauty instructor, you are required to devise ways of engaging the students more. At first, it might seem like a daunting task, but in the real sense it is easy. Besides, you get to benefit the students more and reduce your work load in the long run. It is easy to involve students, both in class and on the field. All that is required is a little effort from you, as their instructor. Here are a few ways through which you can engage your students better.

Skill Activities

The work of cosmetologists is to ensure hairstyling, makeup application and nails are done exactly as the client desires. To sharpen these skills, you can involve the students in a fun activity. It involves writing several different styles onto a flash card and asking the student to create that look on a mannequin.

You should only use styles that the students leaned recently, so as to see if they are able to put theoretical knowledge into practice. To add some fun to the activity, give the students a time frame. You can also allow other students to evaluate their fellow student’s work.

Flash Cards

There are many terminologies that are used in cosmetology. It is important for every student to know them. Instead of having the students cram the terminologies in class, you can involve them in a fun activity that will help each of them memorize and understand those terminologies better.

Make a list of all terms and their definitions. Write the terms on one side of a flash card and their definition on the other. Ensure the backside of the card is not seen during the exercise. Let the students try to define the terms displayed on the cards and compare their definition with the correct one that is on the backside of the flash cards. Instead of using the terms, you can use pictures of cosmetic equipment, to help students memorize supplies and tools used in the trade.


One way of learning how to make something is by repairing it. Fix-it is a fun activity. It is ideal for the last lesson at the end of a hard week. Take some volunteers and mess up their hair, makeup or nails. They will be the fix-it students. Pair each fix-it student with a peer who will be held responsible for correcting the mistakes that you did on the student’s nails, face or hair. Give the students a time limit. Thirty minutes will be enough. Tailor the activity to test skills and techniques that were learned in class.

There are many other activities that you can use to help the students participate in class. You can even invent some of your own to suit your teaching methods. Through these activities you will be able to produce more qualified cosmetologists.

How to Become a Beauty School Instructor

Here at Avalon Institute, we encourage our instructors to use any methods possible to impart knowledge to the students. We have all the basic facilities that are needed for cosmetology training. This ensures that the students learn everything pertaining to their field and familiarize themselves with all the tools and equipment used in their profession.

If you are a beauty school instructor in need of a good training facilities and revolutionary training techniques, come and work with us. We have a competent team of dedicated trainers who are ready to share teaching and training methods that will come in handy in your trade. Moreover, we will offer you all the materials you need to mold your students into the best cosmetologists in the industry.

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