May 2, 2013

Eye-Catching Cosmetologist Business Cards are a Stepping Stone to Success

People often underestimate the value of using high quality cosmetologist business cards to promote their services. It is important to note, however, that handing out business cards is actually your gateway to networking and meeting new clients. If your card is lacking in any way, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will not rake in hordes of clientele. A little time and effort go a long way when it comes to advertising your services.

What are the Key Elements in Cosmetologist Business Cards?

You need a card that is edgy and aesthetically appealing. Try to find a good balance between simplistic elegance and eye-catching pizzazz. Focus on one element that really stands out and symbolizes what you stand for as a cosmetologist. Keep everything else as simple as possible. Potential clients are always looking for a trendsetter — this is what you need to portray in your business cards.

Do Professional Cosmetologists Use Graphics on their Cards?

In short, yes. You are definitely going to want to add some graphic flair to your cards. However, you need to be smart about it. Choose pictures that are somehow linked to the industry you work in. Stay far away from vectors and cartoons. Similarly, do all you can to avoid pictures of things like flowers or butterflies. Your clients are not looking for a peaceful country retreat; they are looking for a cosmetology genius. On a black or grey background, a few brightly colored hair extensions look fabulous. Similarly, you could use some spilled nail polish on a white surface or splashes of eye-shadow on a mirror. Generally, the image of a single eye with high fashion makeup tends to do the trick as well.

Cosmetology Business Cards Design

Many people make the mistake of using a frilly font on their business cards. Remember that as an artist, you want the font on your card to back-up the image you have chosen. Cosmetologists need cards that somehow showcase their work. The writing on your card needs to support your artistic flair without making the card look too busy. Try to stick with a simple font — one that is easily readable.

When it comes to adding your details on the card make sure that you avoid putting in too much writing. Your name or your business’ name should be on the front, written in bold typeset. In the corner of the card front you should put a single contact number. That is the all-important information you need your clients to see first. On the back of the card you can feel free to add your studio’s physical address, email address and social networking links.

As an Avalon student, you will learn how to market yourself as a young cosmetologist. If you want to increase your chances of being successful, you should Create professional cosmetologist business cards.

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