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May 19, 2013

How to Find a New Hair Style That Complements Your Personality

A new hair style is the quickest way to change the way you look. From long to short, from curly to straight, from frizzy to smooth, hair can do a lot for your style, take years off your face without requiring makeup or expensive treatments and make you feel like a different person. The great thing about a new hair cut is that hair grows back and you can undergo another metamorphosis in just a few weeks if you want. Learn how to find a new hair style that suits you with these tips:

Determine What you Need and Want

As nice as your new hair style may be, it may require too much of an upkeep later. If you live a busy lifestyle, a low-maintenance hair style may be the better choice. Form should follow function. For example, if you want a more flexible style but do not want a drastic change, consider a shoulder-length cut that you can tie back in a bun or ponytail if it suits the mood or occasion. Perhaps you want short but polished and easy to keep, so consider a wash-and-wear type of cut. The look should not only look good on you, it should also work for you.

Consider the Texture of Your Hair

Some hair styles work better for straight hair while others are fabulous for wavy hair. If there is one particular style that you want, consider if your hair will work with the type of cut it will require. What if, in order to maintain the look you want, you will have to spend half an hour every day blow drying your hair. Do you have the time or the patience for that? Consider the condition of your hair as well. Fine hair, for example, will do well with certain styles while thick, coarse hair will look better with other cuts.

Look for Inspiration

Pictures in magazines are a good guide but keep in mind these are styled to look good in photos. Some may work for you, others may not. Go online or look towards your favorite celebrities for styles you like.

Ask for Guidance

If you know or meet someone with a great cut, go ahead and give them a compliment, then ask about the style. Many people go to a great stylist and you would do well to know who this may be since he or she could work his or her magic on you as well. Ask about the stylist, the kind of work he or she does and the location of his salon. A good stylist will be able to work with you to find the best cut for your hair.

Communicate With Your Stylist

That good idea you may have about your new hair style will be even better if you and your stylist work together. Always talk to the person who will cut and style your hair. Keep in mind that they may have a different idea about what they want to do with your hair. If they know what you want and why, they will be able to give you a great cut that fits you perfectly.

If you would like to get a new hairstyle at an affordable rate, our beauty salon (which is run by our beauty students under the supervision of beauty instructors) should be your first choice of beauty salon. You can rest assured that you will get that pretty hairstyle at an affordable rate. Contact us today for more information.

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