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May 1, 2013

Hair Styling Products for Short Hair

Styling short hair can be a challenge, but with the right hair styling products for short hair, you can easily do it. The products that are must-haves in your arsenal will depend largely on two factors: your hair type and the style that you want to maintain. Some products, such as shine-boosting protein sprays, will overlap with products for long hair. However, in many areas, you’ll want to seek out products that are specifically geared toward short hair, especially if you’re trying to add texture or calculated messiness for a tousled or bedhead look.

For a Little More Texture, Use Paste Hair

A great paste product can help you maintain any type of shape you want, and works great for enhancing natural texture or adding texture to naturally straight hair. This is a little more put-together than the bedhead look, but still just carefree enough to look natural and effortless. The product comes in a jar and usually you’ll apply just a small amount at a time, working in chunks to bring texture to the strands that need it the most. Because you can play up the hair around your face or jawline, texturizing pastes are excellent for styling short, pixie hairstyles.

Add Some Sleek Shine With Gel or Sprays

For some great shine, use a gel or a spray-on product for sleek hair. This will help counter hair that is naturally a little unruly by helping it to lie flat if you style it that way at the time of application. It will also keep your hair shiny looking, even if chemical damage or sun bleaching dulls the color without product. The best part is how versatile these products are, especially the gel. If you want spiky, dramatic hair, you can accomplish that in just a few minutes. If you want sleek, clean-looking hair instead, you can achieve that too — just brush down or to the side instead of styling spikes before the gel or spray sets.

Own a Sexy Bedhead Look with Powdered Hair

A perfect choice for girls with finer strands, styling powder adds volume at the roots to create movement without unnecessary bulk. This will make your hair look more alive without making it seem too big for your short cut. It also adds a soft, touchable texture, contrary to many styling products that might make your hair stiff or sticky.

Evergreen Can Help You Style Short Hair

Evergreen Beauty College features short hair styling services with professional beauty students who can advise you on the right products to use on your unique hair. Our sessions come at a savings for you, with a beauty student session costing a fraction of what most salons would charge. We can help you find the right hair styling products for short hair, no matter what your personal style and ultimate goal for your hair.

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