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May 10, 2013

Hair Styling Tools That Every Beauty Student Must Have

Choosing a career as a hair stylist is a big deal and as a beauty school school student, you will need a few essential hair styling tools. As a student at a beauty school, you will learn the basics of hair and makeup. After learning some special techniques, you will spend a lot of time practicing those techniques by applying makeup and cutting hair on mannequins.

You will be graded on the finished piece and after you reach a high enough grade, you will start working with real people. You will do both makeup and cutting hair on these people, as well.

Important Hair Styling Tools You Will Need

There are some items that you will not be able to live without as a hair stylist. These will include:

  • Razor Comb – This allows you to separate hair easily, as well as cut hair for the ragged edge look.
  • Highlighting Comb  – This makes it easy to highlight small strands of hair. This can also separate sections of hair.
  • Scissors – You will want at least five pairs of hair cutting scissors, as you will use them a lot and you will need to be able to soak them in the special solution. They have different varieties and you will want to find pairs that fit your hands well.
  • Hair Clippers – Males have shorter hair and many times want a “buzz cut”. You will need special tools for this, including hair clippers.
  • Hair Clips – A big part of your job will be to move hair out of the way, especially for those people with extremely long hair. You will want a variety of hair clips in differing sizes to move hair away from where you are working.
  • Regular Combs – Having an assortment of those small plastic combs will be beneficial as well.
  • Hairbrushes – An assortment of hairbrushes will be needed as well, including a round brush.
  • Hand-Held Hair Dryer – Your school may not require you to purchase your own hair dryer, but it might come up. You will want one that has at least three heat settings as well as a cool setting.
  • Curling Irons – In most cases, these will be provided to you, at least at your school. However, many schools are asking you to purchase your own curling irons so you can take them with you and feel more comfortable. You will want a one-inch curling iron as well as a three-inch curling iron, but you can purchase other sizes as well.

This may not be an entire list of hair styling tools needed. You will need to check with your specific beauty school to learn what you will need. Some schools may also require makeup kits.

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