May 11, 2013

How to Get a Job After Cosmetology School

When a student graduates from cosmetology school, they will start wondering how to get a job after cosmetology school.  Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities in this field.  Graduates can work in a salon, start their own business or become a freelancer.

Many people believe being a make-up artist, hairdresser or beautician is easy.  They think that anyone can apply make-up, style hair and perform beauty treatments.  This is not the case.  Those who want to work in the beauty field need to get training from a reputable institute.  Most employers will not consider hiring applicants without relevant qualifications.

How to get a Job After Beauty School

A lot of make-up artists and beauticians work at salons or make-up counters.  These jobs are desirable as the employer gives employees perks and a stable income.  Unfortunately, people in these roles may not earn as much as freelancers or small business owners.  These jobs are suitable for people who want a regular paycheck and steady hours.

Working as a Freelancer

Anyone who wants to work in film and television will need to freelance.  Most productions hire make-up artists for their production season.  For example, a movie may hire an artist for the two months that they are filming.  Celebrities also hire make-up artists and hair stylists to work for them.  The majority of freelance work will come from weddings and proms.  It is worth noting that beauticians rarely work as freelancers.  While freelance work is well-paid, it is also sporadic.  Freelancers need to be able to save money and deal with slow periods.

Start Your Own Beauty Salon

Another option is to start a beauty or hair salon.  Although owning a small business can be profitable, the industry is very competitive.  Those who want to set up a salon will need a significant amount of capital.

How to Get a Job at a Salon

Job seekers can increase their chances of getting work by approaching salons directly.  Many of these businesses do not advertise vacancies.  Instead, they hire walk-in applicants and people they know. If an applicant is called in for an interview, they should be well-presented and friendly.  Salons look for workers who are clean, fashionable and get along well with others.  This is beauty the beauty industry values customer service.  Trained applicants who meet this criteria will not have difficulty getting a job after beauty school.

If you are interested in attending beauty school, please contact us.  Our school offers a variety of courses at affordable prices.  If you need help with school fees, our advisers can give you information on scholarships and grants.

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